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These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of February 1st, 2021.


  • We’re starting to roll out Messenger on Oculus to people who have logged into Quest and Quest 2 using their Facebook account.
  • With this update, you can choose to chat with your Facebook friends anywhere they have Messenger, even if they’re not in VR. You can:
    • Chat with friends anywhere they have Messenger, without taking off the headset.
    • Invite friends to join you in a game or experience.
    • Jump into games together by sending a party invite.
  • Please note this will continue to roll out in the coming weeks, so you may not see the update right away -- stay tuned as it continues to be released.

Guardian and Passthrough

  • Stationary Guardian 2.0
    • We’ve improved Stationary Guardian with the following updates:
      • Updated Stationary Guardian visuals to remove the grid.
      • Adjusted Stationary Guardian to be responsive when you move your headset, no controllers needed.
      • Added a new in-VR tutorial explaining how to use Guardian.
  • Passthrough Shortcut
    • We’re moving our Passthrough Shortcut from the experiments panel to general availability. This feature allows you to activate your Passthrough view by double-tapping the side of your Quest or Quest 2 headset. Double-tap again to switch back to your view in-VR.

VR Profiles

  • We’ve updated the look, feel, and functionality of in-VR profiles and info. Some of the specific changes you’ll see include:
    • Having profile cards show up directly from your menu bar, so you can look up your friend or check out their new avatar without leaving your current app or experience.
    • We’ve made it so that people who use Facebook to log into Oculus can display Facebook friends and more easily communicate.
      • Keep in mind, you can change or update your privacy settings at any time.

Universal Menu

  • You can now access the Universal Menu across any apps, games or experiences you're currently in.
    • To enable this feature, put on your headset and select Settings > Experimental Features > Universal Menu Overlay.

  • We’ve also made updates and improvements to the the design and function of the Universal Menu. These include:
    • A sleeker toolbar design with easier to select menu items.
    • When you’re in a Party, you can now view Party details and leave the Party directly from the Universal Menu.
    • Improved tablet behavior when launching apps, switching panels, or resuming headset use.

Menu Navigation Tutorial

  • We’ve added a new tutorial to walk you through how to navigate the various menus and panels from your Quest home environment. The in-VR lesson plan includes:
    • How to use the Universal Menu.
    • How to navigate between the different menu options and panels.
    • Understanding how the different panels and menu bar work together.

Oculus Browser

  • You can now resize windows horizontally when using Oculus Browser. To do this:
    • Open Browser and hover over the left or right edge of any window. Use either your grip or trigger buttons to grab the handle and resize the window.
    • You can open up to three Browser windows at a time and adjust each panel separately.

Bluetooth Mouse

  • You can now use a Bluetooth mouse while you’re in-VR. To do this:
    • Ensure that your Bluetooth mouse in is pairing mode, then go to Settings > Experimental Features > Bluetooth Pairing
    • Once you select your mouse from the pairing menu, you’ll be able to use it in VR.

Camera roll

  • You can now trim the length of your captured videos to share out exactly the right moments by entering the edit mode after opening a captured video.
    • To do this: select your captured video from your camera roll, select the pencil icon in the top right portion of window, and drag your clip to the desired length.
      • Keep in mind, you can only trim a video if it’s more than 30 seconds in length. 
Honored Guest

I am also on and not experiencing any issues if that helps.

Hmmm... very odd. The home screen definitely shows the most issues for me, particularly when the guardian is showing. I've tested a few games now and Beat Saber and other games where you're not getting close to the edge of the play area seem ok, however definitely noticeable on games where you're moving around and inevitably end up near the boundaries like the Walking Dead or Superhot. If in the middle of the playing area they appear to work fine from the little I've tested it, so definitely something with the guardian as I've seen others mention.

Have had zero tracking issues thus far. So at least the headset is usable, just annoying at times. Hopefully Oculus can work out what's going on and it's a slight oversight that can be fixed quickly.
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I loose guardian every time I turn on the quest 2, since the 25 update. Driving me insane having to redo it and then space calibrator again every damn time I turn it on. It is not a light or room issue, my blinds are permanently closed and the only light is a globe that has not changed.

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convy84 said:

+1 for the juttering issue.

My headset only just updated last night so only tested it out for 10mins or so, but noticed the jutter right away as I'm quite sensitive to graphical glitches. Haven't used for long enough to see whether I had any tracking issues as other people have experienced.

To those denying there is a widespread issue with the firmware update, in my personal experience working in the IT industry, issues are more often than not more widespread than they appear. A good percentage of users wouldn't even think to or be bothered to report an issue. Fewer still would research the issue on their own and come across these forums like I have. I personally don't really sign in to forums, choosing instead to scroll through past answers and then either resolve the issue myself based on other user's input, or report the issue straight to the manufacturer. So this is a first in a long time for me.

I have logged a support ticket with Oculus and suggest everyone experiencing issues to do the same. It's the best way for Oculus to get any kind of real data on the number of users being affected.

Correct. A big percentage doesn't really concern or even notice a problem. Maybe based on irregular use. The others are searching in forums and found a few people with the same problem and see, it is a known one. So others already should have reported and just wait. Sometimes I do it the same way. So a number of reported issues is never a sign how big a problem really is. 
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Just checked, I got the jitters too when moving the head laterally. But I have to admit, I never move my head like that in the Home menus. I mostly stay stationary, that's why I never noticed it before and probably wouldn't have if I didn't specifically try it out because of the discussion here.
The menus are all over the place anyways... Scrolling through long lists isn't smooth either, like in the settings. I think problems started when they enabled 90hz menus. It's just not smooth enough like it is, I'd rather have smooth 72hz menus instead of this jittery mess at 90hz.
Still having some serious issues with v25 (0.72). Oculus Home completely crashed and would not stop crashing despite multiple reboots. I managed to clear Guardian history before it would crash needing a hard reboot again but it did nothing. I begrudgingly did a factory reset but still having laggy guardian problems, especially when using a Stationary Guardian. It's not too bad in games but in anything to do with the core apps like being in the Home environment, using the web browser and social, there is stutter because of a Guardian bug. Incredibly frustrated by this. 
Honored Guest
So this update has completely broken my Quest 2. Jittery menus, it doesn’t remember guardian setting at all and the wifi connection has gotten so slow that many of my online games simply crash due to connection issues. I can’t even use the browser without having to wait four minutes for a page to load. I’m on a wifi 6 connection, with a 1000Mbit down 500Mbit up internet connection. All my other devices work just fine, as did my Quest 2 before this update. I’m getting tired of being a beta tester for these massive corporations, and the state of this update is simply inexcusable.
i still have not gotten the facebook messenger are they still sending it out 
My Q1 updated to v25 yesterday (runtime 0.76 I think).  Took a couple of restarts before things seemed to bed down properly but now the Standalone works very well.  All my mobile VR apps seem to play well with v25.

Wireless PCVR with Virtual Desktop also seems to work fine with v25 and I have not had any problems with any compatible Oculus or Steam store apps.  The Quest wireless is a lot of fun!

PCVR with v25 using Link (with Oculus desktop app on v25) is still a bit hit and miss for me.  Most apps seem to work ok but some sims that use Vulkan do not work very well (screen stuttering).  So much for retiring my Rift cv1, lol!  Hopefully Oculus will further improve Link before discontinuing its last remaining dedicated pcvr headset (Rift S).
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This update made my handset loose the tracking . It became jittery and when you turn your head left and right , it doesn't keep up with the image . A patch should be made available quickly because is pretty bad.  
And no , is not about the lighting , because before , everything was fine. 
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Is there any update on how to complete family share? I am aware the secondary account must be under the main account, (with 2 facebook accounts) however I can not find any way to actually do this.. I know the feature was supposed to roll out 2/13/21
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Is there any update on how to complete family share? I am aware the secondary account must be under the main account, (with 2 facebook accounts) however I can not find any way to actually do this.. I know the feature was supposed to roll out 2/13/21

Actually, there has been no announcement about when this will roll out. Developers were told to opt out by the 12th or be automatically opted in on the 13th. But no one has actually said what date it will become available. And you can bet it will be rolled out just like every other update.

Edit: Oculus just today made the announcement
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V25 on quest 1 looks fine.
In quest 2 there's a bug in the home environment: Gpu level do not increase when guardian is triggered, causing frame drops.
I've already done a factory reset, bug is still present. 
Please fix it
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In version 25 I have very big problems. Games like Poker VR and Pokerstar vr no longer launch with WIFI connected. Various kinds of errors take off. Very strong shaking of windows in the menu. The voice is very distorted. How to downgrade to firmware 23?
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I can't access my oculus friends list.  I can see my facebook friends, and use messenger, but the people icon tells me none of my friends are online (and I know they are).  Also when I create a party, I can't add any oculus friends.  It tells me to try again later.  Anyone else have this issue?
Today, my Quest 1 was updated to v25.0.0.78 and seems works normal, but Messenger feature still missing.

if any of the oculus developers read this forums please allow us to go back to v24. The stutters with link make the games unplayable. 

With the Link cable, I read on a forum a few weeks ago that if you set the priority of the OVR services running on windows to realtime, it resolves a lot of those problems. I tried it and it definitely improved the jitters on my quest 2. But anything can be a coincidence. Give it a try and see if it helps.
For me, the v25 update has not seemed to cause any issues that I can note. I've always had it lose my guardian (mostly always stationary, so it's a pita to reset it when it does) but the one thing that I wanted, was the bluetooth mouse addition. I can pair it, and it finds it, but then... nothing. I'm still unable to use the mouse for anything. ahh well, I'm sure something will be funny the more I look around the update.
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guys, i have 2 oculus quest 2... i updated the first one on the 14th of February and i had lots of bugs. the home was really laggy. also when i started a record everything was laggy and i had small White pixels flashing.
the second quest2 updated automatically today (i tried to avoid it...) and everything works great...
they have the same version.
it's like day and night when i compare the two headsets... I'm gonna return the laggy one... i wanted to try the multi user feature... but instead i will just keep one.
i think it depends of your headset.
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I've noticed some bugs/problems while using Oculus Quest 2 on newest version: controllers' vibrations are low when I'm hovering through apps in main menu but when i open the game and open universal menu vibrations are in default state.
Oh and I've noticed that tracking in main menu is frame-by-frame looking but in games tracking is smooth
25.00.72 is FUBAR!  My quest2 is a paperweight because of the guardian tracking problems.    A post by Oculus somewhere saying they are working on a fix would be kinda' decent.
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I've been hearing about an issue that the home enviroment runs really bad FPS wise and I've had that same issue for days now, but one day I noticed how it would load up the bubbles enviroment and then the one I actually have selected, so today I went to the settings, switched to bubbles and then back to my other one and it got smooth again, I think it's rendering two enviroments rather than one.


I haven't rebooted to see if it got fixed entirely, but that seemed to address the low FPS.


I'm having a problem. My headset can't be found with my smartphone app on the secondary account. Since the app can't find the headset, I can't cast to my phone - and I also can't access the headset settings, in particular to activate dev mode. Is it supposed to work this way, that the secondary account(s) on a headset only provides some kind of gimped access to the functionality of the Quest 2?

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I’m having a problem with Oculus link where every time I try to use oculus link it says pc disconnected, this started when update 25.0 released, it’s happening to other people to