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Community Manager

Last week we held various events around Connect with our MVPs, one of which was our weekly Walkabout Mini Golf game. This time, since it was the Friday (or Saturday for some) of Connect week, we centered the game around all things Connect and Quest 3.

We were joined in by Meta’s Ryan Goddard, Social Marketing Manager - VR communities to help answer questions and talk shop.  @kojack, @J40NYR and @nalex66 along with @Ryanality  joined in and asked questions for the community.

Here are the top 5 questions (with a bonus question!) that were asked and answered. It includes some additional commentary from our Product Specialist team:

1) Will there be more support for Augmented Reality dev like an AR kit or AR core?

As announced at Connect 2023, there will be a large slate of tools and showcases such as:

Unity: Unity Project Setup Tool, Building Blocks, MetaXR Simulator, AR Foundation, Discover and MR Utility Kit

Unreal Engine: MR Template, MetaXR Simulator, Unreal Engine XR best practices, Platform SDK and MR Utility Kit

2) Will the Quest 2 accessories fit the Quest 3? 


Quest 3 will offer a range of accessories to personalize your headset experience with added comfort, control, customization, performance, and convenience. You can check them out here:

Accessories from Quest 2 such as headbands or straps may not fit without a conversion kit as the arm connectors on the sides are differently sized. Quest 3 has a USB-C port on one arm and a 3.5mm audio port on the other as well. 

3) Will the Quest 3 be compatible with Quest Pro controllers? 

Yes! You can use the Quest Touch Pro Controllers with Quest 3.

4) What makes the optical stack in the new lenses stand out from other pancake equipped headsets out there?

It is our Most Advanced Display & Optics Technology yet, from lifelike games and documentaries to fantastical landscapes, Meta Quest 3’s visuals are so spectacular you’ll want to reach out and touch the world around you. Our 4K+ Infinite Display achieves a nearly 30% leap in resolution compared to Meta Quest 2. You get 25 pixels per degree and 1,218 pixels per inch for the best resolution across the entire Meta Quest line.

Our next-gen pancake lens optical stack gives Meta Quest 3 a 40% slimmer optic profile compared to Meta Quest 2 without compromising your depth of visual immersion. Sharpness also gets a 25% boost compared to Meta Quest 2, with significantly fewer stray and scattered light artifacts.

Read more details here.

5) Where do you see the future of Meta and PCVR? With that in mind are there any improvements to Link and Airlink that we can expect with Quest 3?

Quest Pro may be the preferred headset for our PCVR enthusiasts due to WiFi 6 support and local backlight dimming. That said, Quest 3 still makes for an amazing experience on PCVR and D-Link VR Air Bridge will be supported on Quest 3 headsets.

Bonus: What was the feature your team was most excited about during development of the Quest 3?

  • Improved performance
  • 8GB RAM
  • Newest Qualcomm XR2 Gen 2 chipset
  • Pancake optics stack (thinner profile similar to Quest Pro)
  • 2.2K resolution
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Compact controllers
  • 15% reduced neck strain
  • Continuous IPD adjust
  • Manual eye relief adjust
  • Advanced Mixed Reality
  • Dual RGB cameras
  • Structure light projector for depth
  • Contact pads on bottom of device for charging dock accessory

Julie, Meta’s VR/AR Product Specialist is really excited about the sound quality improvements. “It's better than the Quest 2 and Pro! There's not much marketing material on these enhancements, but it continues to impress me.”

She's also excited about "auto boundary". “It's just one less step in jumping into VR. Seems like a small upgrade, but truly valuable if you spend a lot of time in VR. “

We hope this answers a lot of the questions you had on the Quest 3! Let us know in the comments below if you’ve already put in your order!

Also if you’re interested in events like these and think you’d be a good fit as an MVP, reach out to @Ryanality or @neurodiVRgent for more details!


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