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Quest build v35 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of November 30th, 2021.

Casting with Mobile Mixed Reality Camera

  • We’re introducing a new experimental feature that provides a window into your VR experience by showing your real self interacting with the VR app you’re in using the Oculus mobile app.
    • Mobile mixed reality camera is intended to be a two-person capture experience.
    • Please note that this is an experimental feature and is currently available only on iOS devices starting with the iPhone XS or later.
    • Please ensure that you have the latest version of the Oculus Companion App (v139).
    • For details on how to use mobile mixed reality camera and to see the supported apps, please visit our support site.

Cloud Backup

  • We’re introducing a new way to backup your app data with Oculus Cloud Backup. When Cloud Backup is enabled, Oculus backs up your device’s app data for supported apps, like game progress or settings, to the cloud. This lets you easily pick up where you left off in a game if you re-install an app, reset your device, or set up a new device.
    • To keep your Cloud Backup data safe, your app data is encrypted on our servers.
    • Cloud Backup is turned on by default but you can turn it off anytime in your Settings.

Multiple Accounts on Quest

  • We are moving the option to have multiple accounts on your Quest headset from experimental to general availability. Now everyone has the option to support multiple accounts on a single headset.
  • Users who enable multiple accounts on Quest will be able to share the majority of their apps with secondary users on the headset.
    • Primary users will only be able to share apps on one device.
    • Secondary users will be able to purchase DLC for shared apps through the Oculus Store, but will not be able to make in-app purchases for shared apps.

Phone Notification Deep Links to Browser

  • We’re piloting a new feature that lets you interact with phone notifications without leaving VR. For enabled apps, you’ll be able to tap on a notification from a smartphone app to open a web version of the app in VR. Currently the app list for this pilot includes:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • Discord
    • Twitch
    • Gmail
    • Outlook
    • YouTube
    • DoorDash
    • UberEats
    • Amazon

Messenger Calling in VR

  • We’ve made it easier for you to communicate with your friends by integrating Messenger Calling in VR. Now, you can make audio calls while in VR to your friends on any Messenger-enabled platform—wherever they may be. No more taking off your headset to communicate and coordinate.
    • Note: We’ll be rolling this feature out to users gradually over the coming weeks.
  • Learn more about using Messenger in VR.

Controller Settings

  • We’ve added the ability to adjust the ‘Up’ angle of the thumbstick, allowing you to adjust the forward direction of the thumbstick
    • You can enable this feature from the Experiments section of the Settings panel in VR.

Voice Commands

  • We have added a microphone button within the browser address bar for users to easily access the dictation feature when using the browser.

2D Apps for Multitasking

  • We’re adding to the list of 2D apps you can use on Quest. New apps coming soon to the app store include:
    • Miro
    • MURAL


  • We’re introducing the ability for developers to add new subscription terms for their apps in the Oculus store. Subscription terms can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. Additionally, apps will be able to include subscription tiers (bronze, silver, gold) as well as the ability to upgrade and downgrade between the different levels.

Quest Public Test Channel

  • We still have openings to opt into the new Quest Public Test Channel. The test channel enables you to get early access to the next unreleased software version ahead of the public release.
    • Please note this feature is on a first-come, first-serve basis and may be closed to new signups once the the desired capacity is met.
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Not applicable

You spying grabbers.Screenshot (140).png

Level 6

I don't even have a slider to enable PTC in my mobile app.....

Level 2

Cool, how can I trigger the cloud backup?  I just got a new Quest 2 and want to backup my saves from Quest 1 and load onto Quest 2.  I can see both devices on my account and I can confirm that cloud saves are enabled and the games I'm interested in support cloud backup, but there is no "last backup time" for any of the apps. 

Not applicable

Many issues with quest.

1. when recording + microphone it throws out of link, not sure why, the steam game continue to run but have to enable link again and again.

2. what is the reason to add couch and desktop if you can't play seated on it? also to ask confirm when enter in it's area is ridiculous, we already should be able to map whole area and it must be done automatically with all objects, bed, table, monitor etc. It feels like Oculus is in Pampers state.

3. I want to see Quest battery percentage always even in game with some transparency maybe.

4. cloud saves, really? you have remember to add this feature just now, when Steam had it for years, not sure is this a coincidence but it was added after or before I talked on Telegram with my friend (see upper post).

5. additionally those messages in Quest home are preventing clicks on other things which are behind, would be good to move notifications in other areas somewhere on the side or below the dash menu.

6. almosty forgot, fix the charging over USB how it was on v23 of firmware plus the bandwidth was higher on old version, now it even drops below 1Gbps when connected to USB-A 3.1 port which say that it support up to 3A output in Asus motherboard manual but Quest draws 496mA which is very low, not sure if this is intentional but we can't afford to upgrade hardware, in our countries hardware components cost 3 to 4 times of prices in US just think of that.

Level 6

I see Link issues have not been fixed yet.


Now the headset cannot even charge over USB. It was a bit iffy with V34 and with V35 it doesn't charge at all. Thanks a bunch, Oculus! When will you get your act together and fix your sh*t?

Level 3

Casting with mobile mixed-reality camera with Android?

In the post its mentioned only some iPhones are supported but on all Android devices are already compatible.





I was very exited about his feature when reading about it.

Then I got diasppointed by the articles limiting it to iOS.

Then I have been very happy when I read the support page and gathered my family for testing it and finally got very annoyed because the required features are actuall not available in the Android app.

Can you please correct the information on the support section. 


When will this be available for Android, and will it be limited to specific devices?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

I've had v35 for a while due to joining the PTC, but today Cloud Backups finally appeared in my headset Settings menu. Having reviewed my backups on the Oculus website, it doesn't look like any apps have backed up yet. I guess that will happen in the background over time? It's at least cool that we can see what apps do and don't support the feature, as well as manage our backups. (This is something that has frustrated my in the past with Steam's cloud service--no way to manage it.)


Edit: I saw a comment on Reddit that Cloud backups happen overnight or in the morning, so I'll try leaving my Quest 2 charging and on standby tonight and see if I get some backups.


Edit 2: Last night between 9:10 and 9:14 EST, I got backups for 28 of my apps. The remaining eligible apps probably didn’t have any save data to back up; they’re either older games that I played on my Quest 1, or new games that I haven’t played yet. I have 6 games that are not eligible for backups: Cosmodread, Eleven Table Tennis, Demeo, SuperHot, Gorn, and Thumper, plus Virtual Desktop and a bunch of Oculus system stuff.

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Level 7

I seem to have a new UI on my Quest1 - Oculus acc

Quest2 - Faceta acc doesn't show new UI or seem to have any way of switching it on?

Q2 does not have the voice commands options neither,not in device/experimental?


Do these features come in dribs n drabs to each unit in various v35updates over time?

Do I need to reset headset?

Antec Quattro ~ Asrock Taichi X399 ~ Threadripper 1920X ~ 32gb 3200mhz GSkill ~ RTX3060ti ~ m.2 970evo

Small 35 update to 140 has killed airlink,so much lag and tearing

Antec Quattro ~ Asrock Taichi X399 ~ Threadripper 1920X ~ 32gb 3200mhz GSkill ~ RTX3060ti ~ m.2 970evo