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Quest build v37 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of January 17th, 2022.

App Library

  • Oculus first party apps are no longer pinned to the top of your App Library. Instead, you can control the order of your apps through your App Library’s sort + filter settings.

Link Sharpening+

  • If it looks like your view in VR with Link is a little bit clearer, you’re right. We’ve improved the Link Sharpening algorithm for better visual clarity.

Stationary Guardian

  • Stationary Guardian now uses Passthrough. When you move toward the edge of your Stationary Guardian, you won’t see the boundary outlines. Instead, Passthrough will fade in to show your real-life surroundings.

Horizon Home

  • To help you explore your Horizon Home, you can now teleport to different designated areas in your Home environment.
    • Simply hide the Universal Menu by pressing the Oculus button, and press your controller thumbstick forward to see a set of potential hotspots. Then aim at one of the hotspots and release the thumbstick to teleport.
    • With the Universal Menu hidden, you can also press the thumbstick left or right to rotate in place.

Diagonal Resize

  • To better control your VR workspace, you can now resize your app windows to different heights and widths. Initially, this will be supported in Browser, Oculus TV, and Files as well as some 2D multitasking apps currently available on Quest.

Display Bar

  • To provide more flexibility in how 2D apps are displayed, you can now change the distance, scale, and rotation of your 2D app panels by using the Display Bar to switch between Tablet and Desktop modes.
    • To switch between panel types select and hold the Display Bar under the center panel, then drag the bar up or down.
    • We’re also making Browser tabs a bit smarter as part of this update. When you move between Desktop and Tablet modes, your Browser tabs will now consolidate into a single window to help keep your workspace neat and organized.

Tracked Keyboard Selection

  • In v28, we made it possible to not just pair but see Logitech’s K830 keyboard in VR. Now we’re also adding support for the Apple Magic Keyboard on Quest 2.
  • You can pair your Apple Magic Keyboard with your headset under the Experimental Features panel in Settings. You’ll also need to enable hand tracking (if you haven’t already) which can be done under the Hands and Controllers settings menu.

Share to Headset

  • If you’ve ever been browsing a made-for-VR art gallery on your phone and wished for a more immersive experience, we have you covered. In our latest sharing enhancement you’ll now be able to send a link directly from your phone to your Quest via the Oculus App, making that 3D view actually feel like you’re there.
    • To do this, first make sure your headset is turned on and Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Then, open a website on your phone, click Share, choose the Oculus App → Open Now, select your headset, and it’ll automatically open in Browser when you put your headset on.
      • Please note: Currently this is only available on Android but will be coming to iOS soon.

Improved Quick Actions Menu

  • Accomplish the basics quicker without needing controllers. You can now use a pinch gesture with your hands to bring up a quick action menu. This allows you to quickly do things like take a screenshot, activate voice commands and more.
    • To bring up the quick action menu, position your palm in front of your face and pinch with your thumb and index finger.

Redesigned Explore Page

  • We’ve redesigned your Explore page to make it easier to find the experiences that you care about. To do this, we’ve made the following updates:
    • Adding cards that make it easier to find your friends.
    • Updating sections so you can discover the games, apps, and content that you care about.

Controller Settings

  • We’re adding the ability to adjust your Touch controller settings not only to give power users more options, but also to improve accessibility and address issues that may arise with wear and tear.
    • The most recent setting addition for v37 is the ability to adjust the thumbstick center dead zone, as well as the thumbstick range. You can make these adjustments from the Experimental Settings section within the settings panel.
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tablette firmware 223101005873


Where is the setting?

Probably another update rollout (firmware 223101005873) most have not seen yet.  I'm on the PTC with my Q2 and have not even seen this yet.

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Level 9

Edit: ...ya, looks like a good idea to stay away from updating the Quest 2. Why is this firmware update even available? No one wants a blurry Quest 2.

I already on 223101005873 without PTC. Seb05500 is talking about just moveable app screen & universal menu? I can use that. My question is what/where is normal tablet mode.




1. I can move app screen/universal menu, but no diagonal resize (even horizontal/vertical resize of previous version) now. The store is too long horizontally and difficult to use. 😫

2. I'm not happy that I can't completely separate app screen from universal menu. Need attach & detach function.

3. I want tilt adjustment.

Level 3

I just got the v37 update, which was done without my knowledge or permission. When I went to use the Quest 2, the controllers vibrated when picked up as usual, but only my hands would work. I had to restart the Quest 2 twice before the controllers finally connected and then I was met with my guardian boundary and no menu to confirm the boundary. I then had to turn off the Quest 2 and turn it back on to get to the menu to confirm and enter the Oculus. 
The new hand gesture menu is extremely fuzzy, there are features listed in these release notes that are missing from my device, there is no longer two separate windows, one on the dash and one in the background (i.e., I can't pull up my applications while the store is open in the window behind it, as before. And I believe my device is also one suffering from a downgrade in video quality although link sharpening was supposed to make it better. This was all found within 20 minutes of use after the update. I stopped using my device after because I was annoyed, so I'm sure there are more issues I just haven't encountered yet.
Please make your releases ask the user when they want to update. If I had an option, I would not have updated, as I had been seeing these issues all over social media.

It wasn't even an option for me. When I tried to use my Quest 2 today it had automatically updated. -___-

It's an online service device, you don't and won't get the choice to update or not.

I get the option on my Xbox and many other online service devices. Developers can always stipulate that certain things will not work if you do not update, without forcing you to update. 👍

You also don't need an Internet connection to setup an Xbox like you do the Quest. They won't do it, vast majority of players play online connected games/Apps and they aren't going to try to cater support to a broad amount of varying software versions. Forced updates is the simplest way to keep everyone at the same level and since it's an android device it's also the best way to prevent rooting