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Quest build v39 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will be rolling out soon.

Virtual Workspace

We’ve added a section to our settings page so you can customize your virtual workspace to fit your needs.

  • We’re also adding a mountain study environment complete with snow capped peaks and serene redwoods creating the optimal environment to enjoy peace and quiet while you focus on your work.


We moved all Multitasking features from the experimental settings panel. Soon, everyone will be able to simply utilize multitasking by default. We also added the following new features:

  • We've expanded the ability to use side-by-side app windows to additional 2D apps. Previously, side-by-side multitasking was only available through the experiments panel or for Browser via multiple tabs. Now, you can have three side-by-side windows for additional supported apps.
  • From the universal menu you can easily switch between multiple windows to launch, focus, minimize, and close any open apps that support multitasking. You can also switch to specific instances for apps that support multi-instance experiences (like Browser).
  • We've also made some general multitasking improvements to let you switch between your apps more efficiently.
  • Please note, these updates to multi-tasking will be gradually rolling out over time to ensure the best possible experience for all Quest owners.

Feed redesign

We’re redesigning notifications to make it easier to manage both in VR and in the Oculus mobile app.

  • In-VR, you can now sort notifications by time or by app.
  • In the Oculus mobile app, you can swipe across a notification and tap the Settings Icon to quickly unsubscribe or change notification settings for that app.


You can now share links from your mobile browser to your headset via the Oculus Mobile App.

  • When you share a link, it’ll be opened in Browser the next time you put on your headset.
    • We previously introduced this feature to Android devices, and now we're bringing this to iOS devices.
  • We’re updating the logo for Browser to better reflect our vision for the product.

User Reporting Improvements

  • Simplified the user reporting process, reducing the number of steps required for users to submit reports.
  • Added a freeform field for users to add any additional details to their report.
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Level 4

I can't believe they pushed the update with so many people reporting the 72Hz issue in the PTC thread, guess I'm still not enabling wifi until this issue is resolved properly, so glad I didn't do any updates and stayed off wifi, these sort of botched rollouts of updates have become far too common and are seemingly amateurish for such a large company.

Level 3

When can we expect Windows 11 support? I waiting months now for upgrade to win11. Oculus is the only thing holding me back.

I wouldn't count on it ever.  If Windows 11 support had any sort of priority it would have been fixed by now. Instead they are busy pushing an update they know breaks the refresh rate. Unbelievable.

Level 4

v39 is blocking access to the device serial number instead returning just a string of "unknown". This is problematic for us and any other developers that use the the serial number to authenticate with their backend platforms.


This is the code snippet that has historically been used that no longer works with v39:


AndroidJavaObject jo = new AndroidJavaObject("android.os.Build");
string serialNumber = jo.GetStatic<string>("SERIAL");


Can you confirm what version of Android v39 uses and whether there is some other way to obtain the serial number?

Level 4

Does the v39 software update say v39.

My headsets just did a software update from v38 to a subsidiary of v38.

I am asking this because I still do not have app sharing where I can use them simultaneously between headsets 

Yes, our problem headsets are displaying v39. Other headsets that have not been updated are still showing v38 and continue to work properly.

We have exactly the same problem, Oculus' release notes don't have even a hint of it so now we've got all our clients that use Quests on v39 probably unable to use their apps.

Level 4

I also just love how they can’t be bothered to respond to any of our posts. Why oh why is Facebook/Meta/Oculus developer support always so terrible? It’s not like they’ve had 16 years to get better at it…. 

Follow this Link:

As described get support from other users at the forums or open a support ticket.


With millions of devices an so millions of users it's impossible to realize a "dev support" with the community directly. And it's also impossible to solve problems if nobody follow the advises to open detailed support tickets for problems or bugs. So get active and open such tickets for problems you get.




We already did 3 days ago. No response.