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Quest build v40 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will start rolling out during the week of May 16th, 2022.

Tracked Keyboard Support

We’ve added support for additional tracked keyboards. We’ve also added the ability to manage your saved keyboards in the Settings menu.

3DS payment Support

We’re adding support for 3DS credit cards for the Meta Quest app store in VR. This additional security protocol adds a layer of protection in online payment transactions when you make a purchase.

  • App developers have to opt-in to enable 3DS credit cards for in-app purchases.

Unlock Pattern for Apps

We’ve added a new capability to our existing unlock pattern allowing you to lock individual apps on your Meta Quest headset. This allows you to use your device unlock pattern to control access to existing apps in your library.

End-to-end encryption for Messenger in VR

We’re transitioning all 1:1 communication (messaging and calling) on Messenger in VR to use end-to-end encryption. This provides an additional layer of security when using Messenger in VR.

  • Keep in mind, to use end-to-end encryption, both you and the person you’re chatting with will need to have the latest version of Messenger on your respective devices.

Audio Accessibility Settings

We’ve added additional audio features to help everyone hear every sound in VR. These include:

  • Ability to adjust the left-right audio balance.
  • Option to switch between stereo and mono system audio.

You can find these settings in the Accessibility section of your in-VR settings panel.

Controller Settings

With this release, we’re moving controller settings out of experimental status and into the settings panel to make it avaliable for everyone.

  • Controller Settings were added to your adjustable settings to give power users more options, improve accessibility, and address issues that may arise with wear and tear.
  • The setting that you can adjust include Thumbstick angle, and Thumbstick Range and Deadzone.

You can always find our release notes up to date on our support page here as well.

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Just got the update today and it includes both MX num pad keyboard AND MX mini.

Level 2

I updated to v40 today looking forward to the new audio accessibility options due to my hearing impairment. Sadly that menu option is not showing up for me. 

How can I access this menu? I have rebooted several times but still nothing. 

Level 3

I have asked before and I will ask again, is there any update on MRC for android phones? It was promised for "additional devices" a while ago on the support page for the mobile mixed reality tracking, with android devices being in the device table.

After about 4 reboots. First the mono option appeared. One last reboot and the balance slider appeared. 

Level 3

v40 has bricked my headset, 9 times out of 10 on startup the screen remains gray unless I let it sit outside the boundary long enough to get the return to boundary warning, except for no menu pops up and the controllers do not appear, the cameras just turn on. 

Hello RMMC_VR. This isn't what we like to hear. Please report this so that we can get this to the attention of our engineers. Here is a link to where you can report this bug. 

Hey J-P-Fr sorry to hear about your situation. Why do you think you may be having battery discharge issues? Are you using any externally connected Bluetooth devices such as a keyboard? 

Hi, there is absolutely nothing connected on my Quest 2. It is permanently connected to my pc by the cable so it charges while playing. But if I put it on standby in the morning and turn off the PC (so no more recharging) when I come back in the evening it goes from 100% to 20% without having functioned. I tried to turn it off completely but it still charges but maybe a little slower.

Level 2

Hi, Thanks for clarifying. What kind of PC do you have? When was the last time you tried unplugging your Quest 2 while your laptop is turned off? Do you think your PC could possibly be draining the battery from the Quest 2 itself? IS there no way for you to remove the cable? 

This is a latest rog generation laptop with a usb c port that supports fast charging. I am a computer technician and I have already checked everything. But the same problem happens to my friends who don't even leave their Quest 2 connected.