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Oculus Staff

The Roblox open beta is now live on App Lab for Quest 2 + Pro. Visit the blog for details and download the app to get started.

Honored Guest

Getting an error on the oculus 2 saying my account does not have permission when trying to log in. It goes through on my phone but oculus 2 is stating the error. 

Honored Guest

Same issue as above. I'm told "your account is not eligible for this feature"

Honored Guest

Having the same issue, "Your account is not eligible for this feature". Anyone found a fix for this?

Honored Guest

wait does that mean roblox is now on VR?

Honored Guest

@lisajaloza @Hopping to get help with this issue of logging into Roblox on VR. 

Oculus Staff

@korbenio i believe the roblox team is aware of this issue and is looking into it. thank you for flagging!

Honored Guest

I really love playing roblox on the quest 2, but there's some issues I would really love to see get fixed.

1. Not able to see *all* of my favourite experiences. This seems to be an issue with the general UI for roblox on desktop, mobile and console. Right now, when I go onto the favourites menu, I can only see my most recent 25 or so experiences, when I have about 100 or so on the website. 

2. Distorted graphics when searching. When I clicked on the search icon to find VR specific worlds, the menu environment warped and distorted to a disorienting degree, which made me, someone who has used VR for a long time and gotten their VR Legs, a little bit dizzy. 

3. Some experiences blocking the in-game menu. One experience I've found, VR Hangout by Splite Studios, has done something to prevent the roblox in-game menu to appear. I can still see the bar which has the three lines, saftey bubble shield etc, but I cannot see the menu which allows me to quit the game, adjust options, respawn etc. Of course, the creator will need to sort this out on their end too, but surely something could be done on the client-side end so that the client side menu appears above all else automatically. Speaking of the menu, that leads me onto another issue.

4. Roblox menu getting in the way. In some VR experiences, I have to look down to pick up items, click a menu within the experience or generally look around the environment, but that is tricky when the menu appears every time I look down, it ruins the immersion and gets in the way. I'd appreciate it to offer an option to hide the menu at all times and only come up when I press the menu button on my controller.

5. Third person mode. Right now, the third person mode is akin to VRchats teleport mode, where you watch your avatar move while the camera stays still, then the camera snaps back to the avatar when the avatar stops moving. I think this mode is fine, but it's not ideal for all experiences, such as platformers where looking at where you are landing is important. I'd like an alternative third person mode where the camera acts more like the mobile version. It is locked to the avatar, always follows them, but can be zoomed in or out to however far/close they want. It could be done by having the player press both grab buttons and bring them closer/further apart to zoom in or out, much like how you zoom in or out on a mobile device with your fingers.

6. Better tutorial. When I first logged in, I didn't see any kind of tutorial to teach me how to navigate the world, how to use my menu etc. I figured it out on my own, but I think there should be some push for people who have logged in on the quest for the first time to try out the tutorial. Have it be a little pop-up that says something like "Hey! This is your first time playing roblox in VR, would you like to do a tutorial? You get a cool shirt at the end!". As for the tutorial itself, perhaps some kind of obstacle course. Something that teaches users how to walk, rotate, change camera, jump, respawn etc in a functional and practical way rather than what is effectively a how-to manual, that doesn't require the user to actually do the actions to proceed and not worth doing because there's nothing at the end.


I know these are a lot of things to do, but I believe solving these issues will greatly improve the roblox app.

I absolutely love roblox, and I hope with the constructive criticism (for what I can provide, I don't know game development and graphics that much) that this platform shines.

Thanks for reading!

Expert Protege

@lisajaloza Hello! I hope this is the right forum for this.

many of my subscribers are reporting a very peculiar bug.

We Couldn’t Match Your Location To The Device Trying To Log In”


I am unable to replicate the bug myself for troubleshooting. Has the team that handles bug reports come across this issue or know of a resolution?


Oculus Staff

@Das.Bearski Thanks for flagging this issue. Let me do some digging and see if I can find anything out for you.