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Oculus Staff

Towards the end of May, we held a beta weekend for a new game in Meta Horizon Worlds codenamed Titanborne Rumble. Designed to test model and texture importing for Worlds, Titanborne was a hit with the Worlds community as players coordinated with friends for a social gaming experience. And now, the game is back, albeit with a new name: Super Rumble.

Check out the blog post for all the details, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Honored Guest

It's a good game and definitely has potential as long as Meta plans on updating the game with performance improvements and fresh content.  I played a few matches this evening and had no problem jumping right into a multiplayer match.  There were a few frame drops/laggy moments, but they were few and far between-- occurring once every other match or so.  

The main issue I had was with gripping 2-handed weapons. Holding 2-handed weapons was not properly aligned for me and needs tweaking.  I had to hold my lead controller slightly out to the left in order to aim straight with a 2-handed weapon rather than have it directly in front of my back controller for aiming down sights.  It felt awkward and ultimately forced me to abandon the use of 2-handed weapons altogether.  The 2nd feedback I have is to randomize the weapon drops.  There appears to be only the 1 map, and the location of the weapons was the same with each round.  So the strategy became the same for every match-- everyone raced straight to the same spot to pick up the powerful grenade launcher (similar to the golden gun scenario of the old 007 goldeneye shooter).  And it just so happened that the player who picked up the grenade launcher appeared to take a commanding lead with an early string of multiple kills due to the high damage compared to the other weapons. Randomizing the weapons drops or balancing the damage of the weapons to make it more competitive will help make the game less frustrating.


Not really free for all if Horizon Worlds is still geo-restricted, is it? I remember you using the tagline "defy distance" for VR. And now you're building "the Metaverse"... and setting up strict borders around it. Why?