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Oculus Staff

It’s easier than ever for people to get started on your own fitness journey: Starting today, any new purchase of Meta Quest 2 or 3 from in the US and Canada qualifies you for a 12-month subscription to Supernatural at the new low rate of $49.99 USD. Check out the blog post for details.


I bought my Quest 3 on pre-order, directly from Meta and got on the 14 days to try Supernatural.

I was about to pay full price for a 1 year subscription when this offers poped up.

Since Supernatural has been acquired by Meta, can I get this deal or do I really have to go throught the process of Returning my Quest 3 (I'm within the 30 day I'm allow to do it) and buy a new one from Supernatural Website to save 50% on the subscription.


It sounds dumb and counter productive for both company If I have to do this.


Time to release outside the US .  The world is bigger then that , same goes for the metaverse that isnt available in most of Europe

Honored Guest

Supernatural needs to be made available outside of the US. I bought my headset while living in the US and regularly uses Supernatural. I moved to Australia and hey presto, that app I paid a year subscription on no longer worked. Very disappointed. I rarely use my headset now. 

Honored Guest