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Oculus Staff

It’s been 30 years since The 7th Guest originally launched, helping to usher in a new era of CD-ROM gaming. So it seems only fitting that Vertigo Games is releasing The 7th Guest VR in Meta Quest 3’s launch window. Check out the blog for our full interview with Game Director Paul van der Meer.


Still got my copy of the original game... was (and is) really disturbing in places!  Can only imagine how its going to be when you are immersed 😉

Grand Champion

7th Guest is a great experience, but especially using the high-end PCVR version - more about that here:

I owned the original version on CD-ROM, but PCVR is so much better. You're really there in the mansion for the very first time, puzzles, music and characters are all great.

And I'm pushing 36 million pixels per frame combining both eyes (80 fps in 80 hz though)  with an oc'ed RTX 3090, image quality is great - and includes the highest levels of dynamic shadows, ultra-high-res textures, great lighting and effects, post-processing and 4xMSAA. 

So do get the game if you liked the original - this may blow your mind 🙂 Even looks great with the Rift CV1, using older hmds won't set you back much if at all. 

Honored Guest

Can't even download the game.  Brand new quest 3 512 GB.  NO meta i'm not out of **bleep**ing space and i have 2GB internet on wifi 6.  Why is it just specific games I can't download.  Republiqe fails as well but battle sisters is fine or older titles are fine.  You don't even have a way to resume.  So irriting to get 2gb of the game downloaded and it fails only only to start back from zero.  Why aren't the downloads in chunks or use a real protocol for game downloads like torrent like, steam and even blizzard/activision do.   What a **bleep**ing joke.  I'm returning this game and the hardware and I'm just done with meta.   


Nice, definitely buying this on Quest 3.

I didn't notice a mention in the blog but I heard a rumour that there'll be Quest 3 enhancements coming soon. Is that something you can confirm?

So glad, good VR can now be had by most people now, not just those fortunate enough to have the deposable income for a gaming PC.