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Oculus Staff

The critics have spoken, and Asgard’s Wrath 2 is a verifiable hit. The reception has been incredible, and we’re humbled by the response. A massive “thank you” goes out to all the players who’ve jumped in to explore new realms. Learn more on the blog:

Expert Protege

It's an excellent game which has caught me by surprise! Once the game got past the start of the game which understandably felt like it was an extended tutorial for newer VR users, the game really started to shine and set a precedent for VR games to have substance that is comparable to that of Half Life Alyx. I can honestly say that the mixed reality aspect of the game caught me off-guard, and it was honestly such a surprise to have enemies suddenly coming out of my walls before suddenly sending me back to the sandy dunes once they were slain.


The updates have been responsive, the devs have been active with patches and communication (Especially on reddit) and the online component is pretty neat! (I see the dark souls influence and I love it)


Congratulations to the team for such a stellar game!


It is an excellent game