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OculusDebugTool.exe not opening, also black screen when attempting to enter Oculus link on Quest 2

Level 2
Hi there, i am currently experiencing 2 issues.

The first is that whenever i connect via my link cable to the Quest 2, after attempting to enter PCVR through the link button from the quest 2 device, all i see is a black screen or sometimes 3 dots. 

I have been told a solution to this is to reduce the resolution on the oculusdebugtool, however, when attempting to run this tool in the oculus-diagnostics folder, i get an error message which reads: "Unable to connect to service. Unable to locate LibOVRRT symbol: ovr_GetControllerPositionUncertainty Error code:-3023 Version:

Does anyone have any idea how i can solve these problems?

It would be much appreciated D!!