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Turning off music in Oculus home/dash - Tip

Honored Guest
Hi Guys, I appreciate as an audio developer how annoying this is, especially when the dash/home music it turns itself back on. 

Best fix to eliminate this is to go to your relative install directory and just put an underscore or rename the files you don't want to play EVER. 

C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-dash\dash\assets\raw\audio_dash\Assets

I'm guessing its this one that annoys you........Hit play to confirm! 🙂

'mus_void_ambisonic.wav' becomes '__mus_void_ambisonic.wav. 

You will then have silent bliss!

I tried this but it didn't actually work. Does anyone have a fix?

On further investigation this is what appears to be happening:
  • The source of the annoying humming in Dash is not actually dash but Home.
  • If you are in Home, you turn off the sound by turning off the music.
  • If you have deactivated home from starting in the Oculus settings, then the sound never gets switched off since you don't go to home (why is the sound there then, bug?).
  • If you use homeless (it's available in Oculus Tray Tools), then the sound does go away in dash, it only makes a return during loading of games, which is tolerable.