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Solution to the virtual worlds harassing problem

I was checking the reviews on the Horizon Worlds, and I see there are a lot of kids going around and just harassing people.Well, there's a "simple" solution to this.Until the voice recognition will catch people harassing with the N word and whatever,...

PolyMad by Protege
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Resolved! Graduate applab

Could tell me name of game which graduated applab store?

i am unable to install ovr platform util

Trying to install this via developer hub just gives "installing" forever. Trying to install via downloaded .exe launching the exe opens cmd for a second then closes and nothing happens. ive tried running as administrator and restarting pc etc

liamford1 by Honored Guest
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Issue getting frame rate capture needed from Quest 2

Hello folks. I'm in the IT department attempting to help a user in Marketing who is having problems getting the frame rate capture needed with a Quest 2.All adb commands work except the following two commands:adb shell setprop debug.oculus.fullRateCa...

sdi_galbi by Honored Guest
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Applab submission

For any applab submission, are you able to pick a specific target device? (Quest or Quest2)For example, if you can only test on Quest 2 you may only want to submit/publish an app that targets that device. There could be performance issues on the Ques...

DROSM by Honored Guest
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Using an old DK2 on a new Mac

I produce VR tours of various locations around the world and would like to use my old DK2 (on a 2020 Macbook pro with iOS 11.4) to monitor clips as I'm working on them. The DK2 would be easier to plug in than my Oculus Quest or Go (I think?) and, oth...

yod1948 by Explorer
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Mixed Reality Tool installation for Oculus Quest 2 for Business

Hi, Did somebody have the same issue or knows how to resolve it? We are trying to install MRC Tool to Oculus Quest 2 for Business and this is problems we are keep on running into: On the Oculus Developer Hub MRC has status "installed" Next: I have in...

mottmacnz_0-1630483836532.png mottmacnz_1-1630484161684.png mottmacnz_2-1630484196891.png
mottmacnz by Honored Guest
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Oculus U for higher Education

I am currently working on my thesis for my master in Management of Technology . I am proposing an Oculus device " Oculus U" an Immersive Learning Technology where international students can stay at their home country and classes at a university using...

Lafman by Honored Guest
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Cross play games

I recently got a Quest 2 and wanted to try a game called Blade and Sorcery, however this is only available on the Rift S. I have a link cable but I don’t know what I need to plug it into. A PC? Or does a Apple Mac work.

Alex_kxng by Honored Guest
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Oculus app casting wont save footage to my mobile device anymore

When I first got my Quest 2 headset any footage I recorded with the casting feature on the oculus app saved directly to my mobile device's gallery so I could view, transfer, edit, or upload my footage immediately. Lately however, my recordings no lon...

Resolved! Quest 2 compatible Casting dongles??

hi,what is the list of compatible casting dongles [e.g. Chrome Cast 3] with Oculus Quest 2?needs to any specific feature or any type of wi-fi dongles can be used with Quest 2?

Occulus mirror bug

Hi everyone! I've got some issues to connect the occulus quest 2 mirror to my pc. The screen turned on for like 5 seconds and crashed and it's in an endless loop... Is it happened to anyone? ^^ Thank you!

sales processing

Hi I'm a developer and looking at the dev developers agreement.I don't know what the 'sales processing' means in the agreement, what does it include? Here is the original text of the agreement: “Net Revenues” means all gross revenues received by Ocul...


i want to cancel or return my device but there is no button to do that????!!!

Apps not loading

so I was playing and then I tried to update a game and it wouldn’t update so I reset the headset powered it off and everything but then I had a software update so I installed it and now my apps won’t load and when I click on my purchased apps on the ...

Rift Software

i wiped my pc and cannot remember the name of the software where i can change PPI, enable and diasble fps does any one know the name of the software.

Oculus for Business Casting Help

Hey everyone, Trying to set up Oculus for Business and the app we are using needs to be cast. We are not allowed to use Chromecast because of security issues and would love to use the browser method. But when I pull up other methods the only option I...

MRC calibration file won’t save to headset

Mixed Reality Capture Tools 3.0 | Published 2019-12-21I followed the camera calibration process then clicked the button to send the file to the Quest headset. It just spins and never does anything. I’ve left it running for an hour and came back to it...

13th_Hour by Honored Guest
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Delete organization from Dashboard

Hi Oculus i have used a clients organizational name for a test build. They want to use the name themselves, but cant due to name overlap, how can i delete or rename it?

eScape by Explorer
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Oculus Controller Replacement

Please help. I’m looking to replace my oculus controllers. But I can’t find a place to buy them. Can someone guide me?

Zxcbinn77 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 360 photos/video limitations?

Is there any limitations about the 360 content?I was testing some 8k footage and pictures and work great.But i also have content that is 15k which looks much better but i can only load it through oculus link which is OK for picture but video streamin...

I can't get a refund

The other day, I bought a golf game called "Top golf with Pro Putt" on sale andI played for about 10 minutes.After that, I tried to request a refund, but the message "Not applicable" appears.

Occulus quest 2 link disconnecting

Hey guys, I've recently picked up an occulus quest 2 (and the official link cable) and have been playing steam VR games. Every once and a while while playing a game, I'll completely drop back to occulus home (built in version). It right away recogniz...

Menu Passthrough

Hello, Since a reset of the Oculus Quest 2 headset, I no longer have access to the passthrough activation menu in the experimental settings. I have the V26.Has this option disappeared?

Bulrog_ by Honored Guest
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Oculus not loading home page, store, downloaded apps, etc

My system isn't loading anything. When I login the homepage doesn't load. I click on the store and nothing loads. I get a message that there is nothing to load or something went wrong. I updated the headset software and I am connected to the internet...