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Submission Validator error in Unreal

I had a package in Unreal Engine.Through the validator tried verification.result :****** 1 errors detected. Submission does not meet requirements.*** --> APK ('C:/Unreal_Builds/Android_ETC2/Trespass-Android-Shipping-armv7-es2.apk') is not built with ...

Positional Tracking does not work on Mac Os X El Capitan with the DK2

I've tried to install multiple versions of Runtime, I have tried to connect the camera to both the connecter block and to the headset itself while using the external power source. Within Oculus Configuration it sees the camera and all the lights are ...

nikkih by Honored Guest
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How can I view my own side by side stereo / 3d photographs?

I have placed a folder, with hundreds of my side by side stereo photos in it, in the gallery of my Note 5. But when I go to the menu within the VR and choose, My Pictures, nothing shows up at all. I only bought the Gear VR in order to share my own ph...

thechief by Honored Guest
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How do you install the SDK with no *.exe after download?

Hi all,First time post so flame free hopefully!.Downloaded the latest SDK for Win10 - have my DK2 setup running the runtime normally and can work fine, just no idea how to get "Oculus Configuration Utility" running to add other content.SDK download h...

cheddo7 by Honored Guest
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Preorder for Argentina

When I will can pre order the Oculus for my country?, I want to pre order it right now 


Am I able  to watch netflix on the vr???

Bridel by Honored Guest
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im starting to get really pissed off....

i just simply cant install the stupid runtime for oculus rift because it just keeps saying that i have not uninstalled the old version... i have done everything from deleting everything oculus related (included regedit) and it just simply wont instal...

Linkan12 by Explorer
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Resolved! Thread priority security exception. Make sure the apk is signed.

I have created a new project with unity 5.3.4f1 And I have used the OVRPLUGIN v1.3.0. In the project I have imported the Occlusion utilities v1.3.0. And I have put the osig file into the address /Assets/Plugins/Android/assets like shown in the attach...

Kyle_Hu by Explorer
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Rules on Oculus Utility Running Out of Headset?

Greetings!I'm working on a project called MyDream Swift - it allows users to play DX9 and DX11 games on DK2 or CV1 in a simulated first-person mode OR a personal cinema mode, and is interfaced on the desktop to set things up. It is currently availabl...

Resolved! where is the Oculus App

I was told that once I created an oculus account that I would be able to go to the oculus app. But I can't seem to find the app or the library to be able to download.

Rcknhrd77 by Honored Guest
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Matchmaking bug erratum in 1.0 Platform SDK

- Starting with the 1.3.2 Oculus run-time release when joining a room once a match has been found, pleaseswitch from using ovr_Room_Join to ovr_Matchmaking_JoinRoom. ovr_Room_Join will soon be deprecatedfor matchmaking rooms but will continue to work...

Resolved! Where is the runtime file?

Stupid question I'm sure but where is the runtime file? I've checked every subfolder of the SDK 1.3.o folder and I don't see the runtime file anywhere? I also don't have the option to download it on the download page. what am I missing?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What can I do with my oculus dk1 now?

Well sooner or later dk1 is not going to be workable anymore and I'm wondering what I should do with it sense I will be saving for the final development of the oculus.

Fyrex by Honored Guest
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Oculus withdrawal warning

Do we get a warning before money is withdrawn ? Since it could take a few month for me(Netherlands) its hard to keep enough money on my account.

GearVR no head tracking in debugging mode

Hello, I'm trying to develop GearVR application. I successfully set the development environment and run the sample native applications too. I also set the debugging mode and the apps is working with out GearVR headset but head tracking and any touch ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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我用eclipse开发VRApp,但是在调试的时候,插入头盔设备后,进入的是 oculus的home场景,没有进入自己的demo场景,也导入签名文件了,请问这是为什么??

我用eclipse开发VRApp,但是在调试的时候,插入头盔设备后,进入的是 oculus的home场景,没有进入自己的demo场景,也导入签名文件了,请问这是为什么??

Business enquiry

Hi,I am interested in B2B volume orders for Oculus in Indian market. Do you have any sales rep to enquire about this.? Do you have any customer support or customer service number.?

viveksam by Honored Guest
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Affected: the manor with note 5

Anyone hear back from fallenplanetstudios regarding the compatibility of the note 5 with the game affected the manor? They listed phones compatible with the game and the note 5 wasn't one of them. Emailed them a couple times with no feedback.

taurus1 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Cancelled order

Hello! Unforturtenly I did't receceive answer for my request 139791.We have diskussed that my order has been canceled for unknown reason.So what I have to do, order new one, or you handly put it in processing? - Service Unavailable - The Service is Disconnected

Hi,I've taken my DK2 out of it's box again now that I have a big machine ready for VR, but to my surprise, it doesn't work, I get the "Service Unavailable - The Service is Disconnected" error in the Config Utility.I tried both runtimes 0.8 and 0.7, s...

Manux by Honored Guest
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Order Cancelations and Support Responses

It seems that people had orders cancelled for unexplained reasons. From what we can gather, it looks like a witch hunt for those who broke the rules when ordering (Using freight forwarding, intending to resell on ebay, etc.)We have all been told to b...

tyrick by Honored Guest
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