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Online auto-generated terms of service/privacy policy

Has anyone used online auto-generated terms of services and privacy policies? I was wondering if they're good enough for the Oculus store. I talked to someone who writes up TOSs and privacy policies. Her fee is $750. The online ones are much cheaper,...

Adding developers to my Oculus Developer Organization

I have added members to my Oculus Developer account. I can only add user names - how do they log in to the developer account? Do they need to sign up and at one point they will be asked the organization name?

vsks by Level 2
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Pre-order question

After 13 October, will the quest 2 be cheaper or more expensive? Please answer fast, because I want to buy it

Ouclus Launchpad boot camp

Can you again be selected in the oculus launch pad Bootcamp if you have been already attended the event before?

How to delete an unwanted Developer Organization from account?

Hi all,So I created a new organization for my company but spelt the name wrong and hit enter. I created a new account to correct this and now I have two organizations on my tab, one with the name mispelt. Can I delete the unnecessary organization?

Teleportation system for Quest in Unity

Hi,I have issues with teleportation system in Unity and I was hopping to get some help around here. Now, I have basic understanding about game development but I am very much new to this. By following tutorial on youtube ("How to Teleport in VR" by Va...

NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 compatible with oculus link?

hi, i was wondering if the graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 710) was compatible with the oculus sofware on pcmy graphics card isnt compatible currently so i wanted to know if that one was so i could get it if i need to

Disable Developer Mode

Hello everyone! I recently got a new Oculus Quest and I am in love with it. I enabled developer mode to get rid of the guardian, but now I want to disable it because I want to use Oculus Link with my PC. However, I hear that developer mode makes it s...

Oculus return

My Oculus died about two weeks after we bought it. It wont charge. I have tried multiple times to contact their customer support and I get the run around. Any insight abotu how to return this for repair? a $500 device shouldnt die after two weeks and...

Lost access to the email on my developer account

Hello, the email I use for my developer account (this account) was deleted and the domain no longer exists. I need to change the email to one that is functional but I can't in the developer dashboard. I submitted support tickets but they all respond ...

Oculus doesn't track in a dark space

I wansnt sure where to post this, I mean, it isnt an issue or like that but it taked my attention, I don't know how the tracking works in the Oculus rift s, but I'm aware that in a space that is very dim or dark it doesn't track well, so, I was think...

Trying to hide the controller when object grabbed

I'm trying to hide the controller when I grab an object, and show it when I release the object using OVRGrabber, ive edited the OVRGrabber script with the following:if (m_grabbedObj){ if (m_controller == OVRInput.Controller.LTouch) transform.parent.G...

Measurement of luminance of Rift displays

Hi,I need to perform tests on how subjects react to different luminance levels while wearing the Oculus Rift. To do so, other experimenters with different systems need to reproduce the same luminance levels with my Unity scene and the Rift. First of ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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My vr Controller is buggy

Hello my vr controller is broken I think I move me to the side In game like my guy in the game will move to the side how can I fix this??

TWD: Saints and Sinners BUG

SPOILERS:Im at the mission where you have to either kill JB, or Georgia. I want to help JB and kill georgia. JB comes down and we kill all the tower personnel including georgia. The bug is that georgia doesn't die. her body has the death animation, b...

larkuel by Level 2
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App only approved for keys: how can we move forward?

Hi, our App i not approved for keys only. I would like to know how to proceed in order to have a full aproval. We want to buy oculus headsets for our custumers but the situation is blocked. Could any one support us? Thanks


how long doesit take? been 10 hrs already and still says headset updating


so i tried to live stream to Facebook and it didn't load the screen for me to select if i want to use mic and other options but the other day it showed the options for me to select before live streaming but now all i get is a loading screen and i sig...

kain98 by Level 2
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SDK 1.43



I don’t know my Ping can Someone help me please I really need to know I really don’t know can you please

Nago01 by Level 2
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can´t sign up Halp!!!

i got a new pc yesterday with this specsB450 steel legend Ryzen 7 3800xKfa2 2070 Supercrucial p1 nvme 1tbsystem power 9 500wtry sign up into to the oculus app on pc, and this is the message i get all the time. Your request could not be completet. ple...

Der_Don by Level 0
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Out of stock?

I cant buy the Oculus Rift S in the Oculus store and amazon. It say "not avaible".


Good Afternoon,I would like to know, when will you be able to buy the oculus quest on your website?Best

Ofshita by Level 2
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