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FMOD and Oculus Spatial Reverb / no effect on tracks

Level 3
Hi, I'm using FMOD and I was able to setup the Oculus Spatializer without any issue. I set up the Oculus Spatial Reverb following these instructions ( and I cannot get it to work. It has no effect on any of the tracks. What am I missing?  

Level 7
If you're listening in the editor you need to make sure to move the event away from the listener using the 3D preview window in the Event Editor screen. If the listener and sound are at the same position then the near-field kicks in and overrides the reverb making it silent. As the sound gets further from the listener the reverb gets louder, when the distance between the listener and the sound is 1 meter (or more) the reverb should be full volume.

Level 3
oh, God. Yeah, that was the issue. Thanks!