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Unreal Engine 4.18 using Wwise and the OSP - sound not spatialized in packaged game

Level 2
I built a small test level with only one sound source to play when I hit enter. I followed the official guides by Audiokinetic and Oculus on how to integrate into the Unreal Engine and everything works fine in the Editor. But when I create a build it's like the OSP is being ignored. The sound is audible, but there is no spatialization on it and I can't figure out the reason...
I attached a text file with the log from the packaging process.
I hope someone can help or has any idea on how to solve this.

Thank you!


Level 7
We have seen this issue before with Wwise, when the OculusSpatializerWwise.DLL isn't loaded then Wwise will fall back to panning. Make sure the OculusSpatializerWwise.DLL is in the binaries directory and being loaded by Wwise.