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Wwise Multi-Position Failure Message

Honored Guest
I'm in the middle of implementing Wwise acoustic rooms and portals in my UE4 game, and I've come across a blocking issue. As I traverse through the various rooms, I start to receive the following message:

[Oculus] Warning: Multi-Position mode not currently supported. Bypassing spatializer for these sounds.

Now I understand what's happening; the Spatial Audio API is detecting that a sound source is playing from inside a spatial room which has multiple portals, and that sound is going to be audible through each of those portals. Thus, it tries to split the signal into a multi-positional one to save CPU. It's how it's designed. Obviously, since the Oculus spatializer doesn't support this method, it fails and bypasses the plugin. The problem here is that there's no identifiable workaround. Unlike the ambient multi-position voice method this warning message is cautioning against, this multi-position call is inside the closed Spatial Audio API, so it's neither exposed to Unreal, nor is it possible to change without source code (which our license lacks), as far as I can tell. I see from the Oculus Audio changelist notes that this message added back in 2016. Any chance it'll get fixed? The forced bypass unfortunately makes spatial rooms and portals completely unusable.

Honored Guest
Hi guys. This has been broken for nearly 5 years now. I'd like to use the Oculus spatializer in my game with the Wwise Spatial Audio API but can't because of this limitation. I can't be the only one trying to use it this way.

Also, if there's anyone that knows of a workaround, please let me know.