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arm64-v8a and Audio SDK plugin for FMOD (Android) ?

Level 8
Currently I am unable to build my app as arm64-v8a due to FMOD folks not providing arm64 libs. They said they'll fix that issue:

I assume that Audio SDK plugin for FMOD (Android) is 32-bit only.

Can Oculus please provide arm64-v8a version too ?


Level 7
Why do you need arm-64 libs? 

Level 8

Why do you need arm-64 libs? 

Because all Galaxy S phones (the ones for Gear VR) are 64-bit and OS is 64-bit afaik too. I've read somewhere 64-bit apps perform better on 64-bit ARM systems. So, I am just hoping to squeeze out more performance for Gear VR going 64-bit all the way (that's if the information about 64-bit performance over 32-bit is true)

Sounds like more power efficient arch, but I don't know if using 64-bit apps reflects in lower power consumption than when using 32-bit apps.

64-bit is future proof, for sure 🙂