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Audio recording in game

Hello!I m creating a game for Oculus 2I want to add in my game a function of audio recording of the voice of the player, who has Oculus 2 on him.How to do it better? Please advice me smth

YiMeandr by Honored Guest
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Oculus + FMOD + Unity - Attenuation ramp

I have set up an FMOD event with Oculus spatialization. As I approach the sound, it's inaudible for most of its range, and then suddenly it ramps up in volume when I'm right next to it. I can give further details later, but firstly just want to know ...

Oculus Spatializer close proximity mutes audio

When bringing listener and source close together, the audio gets quieter and quieter until it is completely silent when overlapping them.It only happens when using the ONSP Propagation. (Adding a geometry and building the scene, creates this problem)...

Capraise by Honored Guest
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Hello.I'm developing an oculus quest2 app in unity using BLE-MIDI devices.I installed the apk of "MIDI BLE CONNECT" ( to recognize the BLE-MIDI device and paired it. I...

Audio SDK 1.0.3 available now

This is a minor patch release with some bug fixes and a couple of new features. Please note the DAW head tracking feature should be considered in beta, but is working. There will be significant improvements in the 1.1 release, including better visual...

Unity - How to make sounds in the world sound lauder?

Hi there, I am kindda new to sound design so this might sound a bit stupid. We are developing a project where the scale is pretty big and the player is like inside a diaroma, so most of the elements that emit sound are like 20 to 40 meters away from ...

Problems with /

I get this error every time I try to buid and run my project, " GUID [a57801270cf689244b48012cf9db1713] for asset 'Packages/com.unity.xr.oculus/Runtime/Android/arm64/' conflicts with: 'Assets/Oculus/Spatializer/Plugi...

Wwise Multi-Position Failure Message

I'm in the middle of implementing Wwise acoustic rooms and portals in my UE4 game, and I've come across a blocking issue. As I traverse through the various rooms, I start to receive the following message:[Oculus] Warning: Multi-Position mode not curr...

Implementing Oculus Spatializer + Fmod + Unity

Hi there,I have been trying to make this work for a few hours and can't make it happen.-I'm using Unity 2019.3.4f1-I'm using Fmod 2.01.00-Up until now, audio was working fine, the fmod implementation in Unity had no issues.-So, tried to add the Oculu...

OVRLipSync iOS support

I have download the OVRLipSync plugin for UE4,but i found it lack of iOS lib support。How can I get the iOS support? Does the Oculus has any plan to support iOS of LipSync?

RiMiRiYan by Honored Guest
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