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Headgear New Title 1

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Thanks for providing feedback on Headgear New Title 1 (temp title). We have been working
on it since 01.10.2018 and am ready to receive early market signal from
fellow VR developers.

Game Type

Casual relaxing puzzle game

Current State

It is in early alpha stage working purely on the core game play loop. We are iterating between two different control styles and once we've confirmed the core gameplay loop then we will add the assets, UI etc. Game balancing is also still being highly tweaked to get more dificult as you progress

The game itself is a consume objects smaller than you - avoid objects larger than you with realistic physics relaxing puzzle game.
It is being designed for both 3dof & 6dof HMDs as well as 3dof and 6dof controllers. -> so Go/GearVR & Quest & Rift (with Go and Quest being the initial/main focus)

Other missing features:

  • Proper UI
  • Many specific oculus publishing requirements
  • real models
  • proper room scalling. (If on a 6dof hmd it still needs to warn the player when moving out of bounds)
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Level progression
  • Tutorial

How to play

In this control scheme your controller is a wand/bat that can be used to do the following:
  • Press trigger to place marker the players sphere should move towards. This is great for 3dof hmds to return the players sphere if it's been pushed away.
  • Push other spheres either into or away from players sphere
  • Push players sphere saving the energy required for moving independantly
  • Press the D-pad up or down to push or pull from the wand
  • Back button to open menu: use the checkboxes to switch game modes then press restart level

What to imagine when testing

  • Objects are not just spheres but something organic feelings with their own animations
  • High quality ambient graphics created with Unreal (see visual developement references below for an idea)
  • Very relaxing music
  • interesting animations when a sphere is consumed
  • vfx when bouncing off a wall
  • vfx on wand (controller)
  • increasingly difficult levels
  • You've already played through tutorial levels explaining the controls and goal of the game

What to give feedback on:

1. Do you think the core game play will make for a interesting puzzle game once the aimed atmosphere is there graphically?

2. How is the difficulty of this level? (easy / medium / hard)

How to get access

(Current available build is for the Go). Please contact us on or making a post here for getting access to give early feedback.

Thanks again. I look forward
to your feedback

Early Visual development references: (note again none of this is in place but it gives an idea of the visual style that will be included once the core game play loop is settled upon)



Level 5

Hello, I'd like to participate and request access 🙂
Owner and leader at

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Hey @ENiKS thanks for the interest. We'll have a slightly better alpha build ready early next week. I'll ping you again here once it's uploaded and shared with you!

Level 5
Hey, there, this looks kinda grand.  Give me a shout if you still need feedback.

Pricsoner 518 Oculus [soon]

Level 5
I'd like to test play the Gear VR version of this game. I have a controller. I'll PM you and give you my email address in a second.

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We've decided there are a few more features we'd like to implement
first before granting access to get feedback. I'm predicting a few more
weeks to get a few more core features into the alpha, then we'll add
you all!

Thanks for your understanding!