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App Lab: How to load personalized Avatar for Rift or Go user without App Grouping support?



Unable to retrieve personalized Oculus Avatar & profile info for users on other Oculus platforms.


We currently have our social application deployed in the Rift and Go stores. In our application, users record a “Story” which consists of recorded user voice and avatar pose (like instagram stories but with 3D avatars).

Our Rift and Go apps exist within a shared App Grouping but because AppLab does not support App Groupings, it is not part of this group. For Rift and Go, cross platform functionality works as expected. Users on Go are able to see Stories (and avatars) created by users on Rift and vice versa. When we try to load an Avatar within our AppLab version using the userID of a user from Go or Rift it fails. This is expected because userID is application specific (or apparently AppGroup specific since it's working between Go and Rift).

The problem is that the Avatar system doesn’t seem to support loading personalized avatars using an “Org Scoped ID”--it requires a userID specific to that app or App Group. For our AppLab version, we don’t have locally scoped userIDs for our Rift and Go users (since they’ve never launched our AppLab version) so we are unable to load their avatars or fetch their profile info.

This makes it impossible for us to display user Stories in our AppLab version that were authored by users in either our Rift or Go version. We take cross platform support very seriously and want users to be able to interact with each other regardless of which Oculus hardware they use. Additionally, we have a wealth of user-generated content from our existing Rift and Go users that we need to be able to serve to our new Quest users.


When a user creates a Story, we save their avatar animation, voice, and userID to our backend. This data can then be loaded by another user (on Rift or Go) where the userID is used to load the correct personalized avatar which we apply the recorded animation and voice to.


Is there a way for us to load personalized avatars & retrieve profile info within our AppLab version for users that have only ever used our Rift or Go version? Additionally, is there any intention to allow AppLab to work with App Groupings in the future since we still have the inability to support cross-platform matchmaking pools.

Appreciate anyone's help with this issue or clarification on Platform/Avatar service permission boundaries in advance. Thanks!



Hey, in case you or someone else is still interested, it turns out using the userId you can get a scoped user id
(using this:  Platform.Users.GetOrgScopedID())
which can load personalized avatars cross platform. I figured this out and as far as I know this behaviour is not documented so hope this is not going to be patched or anything.

This is very interesting. We were unable to get this to work about 6 months ago. Have you tested this and confirmed that you are able to load a personalized avatar using the Org Scoped ID? Are you able to load the personalized avatar for a user that isn't entitled to the current application?

We are in desperate need of this functionality to bridge our App Lab version with our Rift & Go versions.

For me this does not work. I get grey default avatars with GetOrgScopedID