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Avatar SDK cross-platform roadmap - Avatar Customization

Level 2
Hi there,

Is there any roadmap available for the cross-platform support for Avatar SDK ? In particular for non-oculus user to make avatar customization ?

As I understand through the forum and announcements,

The present SDK have :
- 12 avatar for non-oculus user to interact with other avatars of any plateform, developers can't change these avatar (such as delete a beard etc..).
- Support for oculus user to create (using HOME avatar editor) and interact with all user in any platform .
Future versions of SDK will implement : 
- There would be a lightweight editor for non-oculus user (announced in the Connect 5 keynote at 5:15) to create their custom avatar.
- Controller bindings for hand poses for non-oculus user will be implemented 

am I right ?


Level 5
Bumping this. Would also like to know what's on the roadmap for this.
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Level 10
in regards to your first point, you can create as many dummy accounts as you want to have full control over the presets. Just make the account, make sure it has access to your application via home then you can query them as friends to retrieve their ID for use on avatars