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LipSync requires yelling in Unreal

Level 4
When running the AvatarSample project in Unreal, in order to get the lipsync of the avatar to trigger, I have to speak really loudly.
I see that `SilenceDetectionThresholdCVar->Set(0.0f)` in the code, so I don't know what is wrong.

When using my avatar in Oculus Home, the lipsync works fine so I know it is not a problem with my microphone.

How can I fix this?

Unreal: 4.25.1 (tried on oculus source as well as epic binary)
Oculus Avatar Plugin: 1.36.0
Oculus Plugin: 1.44.0
Environment: Windows 10 x64

Level 4
found any fixes? I am using the latest v20 and i do need to yell to get the avatar lips to move a little

Level 3
Maybe related to this. Check the bottom line:

Level 4
This is still an issue for me. Any fixes? it's been a few months. Not using Android.

Edit: Nevermind, needed to change default communications device as recording device. It was changing to my Vive.