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Oculus ID

Good evening all.

I just found out that in order to export an app from unity to oculus, you need to enter an oculus ID in the " oculus platform settings ", in order to get a fully functionnal OVRplayer with stick control. I'm new to dev and integration, and this is getting kinda frustrating. I'm a 3d artist and doing my first VR scenes and those are the most nerve crushing days of my life. Between all the technical stuff ( double adb server install, blocked for 3 days before figuring this out ), the various stuff you have to install, the profil, oculus develloper ID, organization, looking out for deprecated plugin ands compatibilty issues, it is really tough. I'm losing so much time and can't focus on the artistic aspect of what i'm trying to do. And then, tonight, i'm blocked because i need to insert some oculus ID inside Unity in order to export my stuff ( whereas it worked just fine without it on another scene ? ) When, when is this going to end ?

Facebook ID, phone number, credit card number, geo localisation, oculus develloper profile, oculus develloper hub installed. Doesn't facebook knows who i am by now ? i mean come one, i'm working hard on my 3d modeling, zbrush, substance texturing, unwrapping, understanding new concepts never seen before for a 3d artist who first steps up in Unity. I watch dozens of tutorials, trial and error and stuff. I've been doing this for 16 years, i'll put up the hours of work but really, i feel i'm losing so much time with redundant tasks and un-ergonomic feature.

So there it is, please help me get my oculus ID so i can get to work, thank you.


Hey, I think you what you are looking for is on the Oculus Dashboard under your project there is a Getting Started API or if you use the beta dashboard just API. There you can find you User ID and App ID.
Good luck!

Hello, thank you for taking the time to answer. Is that the place where there's an API section ? Still can't seem to find it > the dashboard links from unity gets me on this webpage automaticaly...