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Recording and playing back avatar performances


I was very enthusiastic about the Avatar SDK, yet am still missing titles that actually make use of it.

I am therefore looking into building a system that would record, save and playback avatar perfomances, including audio in order to use them as robotic guides in VR.

I see from the sample projects that a recording andplayback system has already been added, albeit only for sending the data over the network (also missing voice recording).

Has anyone worked on such a system yet? I want to record my avatar performance, including my speech, to a file in order to be ale to play it back in unity as a prerecorded performance.

Thanks for any help,



Hello imperativity, 

I appreciate your response. I am just somewhat surprised that noone else thought of this, I would imagine that there is a huge demand for scripted avatars and according recording/editing tools...?

I have looked into the avatar sdk and will be looking into saving the animation packets into a file instead of a memory stream. I would also like to add LZ4 compression in order to make the files smaller. 

The problem that bugs me right now (although I haven't written a single line of code for it yet) is the recording and synchronization of an avatar perfomance. I am unsure how to synch the animations with the recorded audio.

Any help would be much aprreciated.

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Hi Multimedial,

i did just that with Unity Timeline. I have Recorder-Playables for both, animation and audio recording. Then while playback the animation i just start both files (animation and audio) at the same time - again with Custom-Playables for the Unity Timline - works like a charm.


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I'd love if the good people at Oculus shared a short video tutorial describing this workflow.