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Unclear docs for access to rooms from Friends / Party

We're trying to build social features into our app. We're running into issues where it seems people that are in a party together are not able to see which rooms other people in the party are in, if those people happen to not be in their friends list.

Thus, we're unable to have people automatically join a common room, since only people in your friends list can access which room someone is in.

User A is friends with User B
User B is friends with User C

User A starts a party
User A invites User B
User B joins, and invites User C
User C joins
User A opens a room
User B is able to see and join that room by querying FriendsWithRooms
User C is not able to see and join that room. It seems that querying party users works, but querying rooms from party users only succeeds for friends. Is there a way to access "PartyWithRooms" or similar? When trying to join the room directly, the Oculus platform denies that request and asks for explicit invitation, which seems wrong given that people are already gathered together in a party.

Another unclear part is that a "Party" has a "RoomOptional" (singular). Which room is that? Is there a way to set this, or is it implicitly set (e.g. the room the party leader is in)?