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Using OVR LipSync in Unity for more than one character simultaneously

Level 2

I would like to know if it is possible to use the OVR LipSync with more than one character at the same time in Unity during runtime? And if it is possible, what steps should I take to make it work?

The scenario would be for example two bone rigged 3D models being moved around by motion capture, appearing on the screen at the same time talking to each other and the watching audience, and the lipsync of each character being handled by the OVR LipSync, using two different microphones for each character on the same PC (with or without using an audio mixer).

I am currently using the latest version of the OVR LipSync SDK (1.28) and the latest version of Unity (2018.2.8) on Windows 10 (If there are any Unity or OVR version requirements, please let me know).

Looking forward to a positive response!


Level 2


I'm contacting the Lipsync team for guidance. If this is an acceptable use case I'll come back with more information, if it isn't I'll let you know if the team can roadmap this for future implementation.

Ok sounds great! Looking forward to your next reply.