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Avatars on mac not working

I'm on macOS 11.3.1 and Unity version 2020.3.29. I set up the Oculus Avatar SDK exactly as described in https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-gs-overview/. However, I'm unable to even get the local avatars to show up. Everything else...

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Avatar Shader Error

I've been getting these avatar errors in Unity for a little while now and I still can't figure it out.Shader error in 'OvrAvatar/AvatarSurfaceShaderSelfOccluding': failed to open source file: 'Assets/OvrAvatar/Content/Materials/AvatarMaterialStateSha...

Personalized avatars are not working

Hi,I have been following the official oculus tutorial to show personalized avatars but it doesnt work. Only the bald dude is showing all the time. I have been trying to make a new project, with the latest Oculus SDK, still doesnt work. In the Avatar ...

Avatars not loading or white avatars

Hello! I'm trying to test the AvatarGallery in Unity 2019.4.14f1 with the Oculus Integration version 23.1.0 (same error with other versions) and the OVR plugin version 1.55.1When I make the APK with CombinedMesh = true the heads don't load in the sce...

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Deebrol by Explorer
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Resolved! How to show my oculus avatar [Solved]

Hello developers.I am developing to display my character through the Oculus Avatar SDK.In order to set up the Oculus avatar according to the document and display my avatar, I received and printed an ID with GetOrgScopedID, but it is being exposed as ...

Check if user has avatar in Unity

Hello!There is any way in the Oculus Integration package in Unity to check if a user has an avatar configured?Right now we are using the graph.oculus.com/userid?access_token=token&fields=avatar_v2{avatar_image{uri}} call but I don't know if is the co...

Deebrol by Explorer
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LipSync requires yelling in Unreal

When running the AvatarSample project in Unreal, in order to get the lipsync of the avatar to trigger, I have to speak really loudly.I see that `SilenceDetectionThresholdCVar->Set(0.0f)` in the code, so I don't know what is wrong.When using my avatar...

Unity Avatar throwing exceptions

Hi,With the latest Oculus SDK in Unity 2019.4.11f I get tons of this error message. I have no clue what is causing it. It throws a lot of these and after some time it stops.On Quest 2 in this case sometimes the avatar hands are white as if the textur...

Quest Unity Local Multiplayer

Is there any reason Photon Unity Networking Classic won't work for the Quest? I'm new to mobile, and it will take me a while to test with multiple Quests, so I'd really benefit from someone who has prior experience with this. I'm using OVR (I hear it...

Atley by Protege
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Avatar shader For URP

Hi, Could you please clarify that Avatar shaders are supported in universal render pipeline? beacuse we have developed the oculus avatar application in universal render pipeline it appears in pink color .Thanks in advance.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus ID

Good evening all.I just found out that in order to export an app from unity to oculus, you need to enter an oculus ID in the " oculus platform settings ", in order to get a fully functionnal OVRplayer with stick control. I'm new to dev and integratio...

Avatars and Vive players

Quick question. Lets say I make my app allow vive and rift players in the same space. What happens with avatars on the Vive end? Am I allowed to load and show the rift players avatar, to the vive player?

levi777l by Explorer
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