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Avatar Surface SHader errors

HiyaI get a heap of errors on build regarding the Avatar Surface shaderShader error in 'OvrAvatar/AvatarSurfaceShader': Invalid const register num: 66. Max allowed is 31. at Assets/OvrAvatar/Content/Materials/AvatarMaterialStateShader.cginc(225) (on ...

pjenness by Rising Star
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Local Avatar Physics Issue

I am having a weird issue when I include Local Avatar in my scene and I'm not sure why. I have it inside the tracking space of OVRPlayer prefab. When I have in enabled it causes game objects that are far away in scene to physically move when I press ...

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Native Avatar SDK cross platform?

Hi, we've been using the Avatar SDK with our Oculus Rift and Go builds, and we wanted to make an OpenVR build. We've been using the Native SDK since we don't use Unity or Unreal.The documentation seems to imply that the Avatar SDK is now cross-platfo...

razhua by Honored Guest
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Question Lipsync and WebGL

I tried integrating the lipsync plugin and it works very well. but when I try building it for webgl it just throws and error, in regards to dynamic dll loading and my question is, is lipsync compatible with webGL build? I've seen only on platforms li...

dothakz by Honored Guest
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unable to get details on certain apps.

hi, rift s player here. i have been unable to go into the menu of VrChat and SteamVr and get details and uninstalling it. i have right clicked, reset the app, and reset my computer. still it stands there laughing. i hope this is a minor bug.sincerly,...

Alpha200 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Avatar in app customization

Last I knew of Oculus Avatar customization, was a video from 2018. Where it was announced that there is no customization, but that you can edit small features such as colors.Is there anything new on this? Does the Oculus Social SDK offer something to...


This duplicate post seems to have been made in error, please disregard (I don't see any way to remove it), and refer to the original post here: https://forums.oculusvr.com/developer/discussion/84882/oculus-avatars-crashes-ue-4-24-1-how-to-make-it-wor...

faetell by Explorer
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Trouble with VoIP [Avatars SDK]

I am using OvrAvatar using the latest SDK possible.Set all the options guided in the oculus developer guide.The Lipsync is working on the expressive avatars but not the VoIP.I can see the remote avatar's Lipsync.Please guide me.I have done,1. Added A...

Android avatars floating at 1.5m

I'm running the social starter example between a gear VR and my Unity editor. Unity v5.6.3f1, Oculus Utilities v1.19.0, OVRPlugin v1.19.0, SDK v1.19.0.I'm finding that the character running on the PC has no cone of light underneath, and spawns at the...

SkyMage by Explorer
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