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Would it be possible to take 360 screenshots?

With the popularity of 360 panos and FB being able to display them I would see this as a great addition to the Quest 1/2 etc to take 360 pano screenshots instead of these really small front facing ones.. Has anyone experimented with this. I think in ...

Video overlay on 3rd party app possible?

I would like to overlay 3D video on another application that I don't develop. Is that possible?Specifically what I want to achieve is overlaying real world, real time video footage from stereo cameras attached to the headset. The video would be overl...

Ozone42 by Honored Guest
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360 image projection type

Hello,What kind of projection type I need to use to get the 360 image to look natural in VR devices. I use Microsoft ICA. The horizon seems like bent upwards. Images are shot with DJI Mavic Air 2. Spherical panorama consists of 25 images.DJI own soft...

Sketchup +Vray to Oculus Go workflow

I created a model in sketchup with materials, textures etc... My hope was that I could render using vray for SketchUp's VR spherical Panorama and simply load that into the Oculus go through Dropbox, but it seems that the .png file that is output by V...

Support for 6k 60fps video in Oculus GO

Hi, I'm developping an application for Ouclus GO based on Unity.I manage to visualize 4K video in my app. But when I try to upgrade to 6K video there are huge lag. Have you any ideo on how can I do to support 6K?I know it is possible as Visbit manage...

Optimizing 360 video for Oculus Go

Hi. Currently using Insta360 Pro for 6K stereo capture and wondering about the best practices for delivering for playback to Go, both from internal storage and then from inside Unity application. Any help is much appreciated!S.

Shahronan by Honored Guest
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360 live streaming

Hi! I want to buy an Oculus Rift, but before I wanted to learn about its feateres.What is the easiest way to directly stream video from 180-360 camera (for example samsung gear 360 2017) to Oculus rift? Is it possible without the Internet?Or, camera ...

ndanil by Honored Guest
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