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In Search of a Goggle App provider for the VR livestreams on our Interactive Broadcast Platform

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Hello, EU
Arts Live is looking for a developer who can provide us with an application so
that viewers can enjoy the 180/360 VR livestreams on our online broadcast
platform with goggles.  Thanks to
financing from the European Union, we have had a developer build our broadcast
platform, which provides for VR live streaming which is viewable onscreen, but
the developer did not provide the additional application needed for the full
experience of goggle viewing.   EU Arts Live is a project to produce and
promote interactive live broadcasting of the performance arts online.  We are gearing up for our first broadcast
season this summer, which will include daily broadcasts from the Avignon
Theater Festival in July, from the Balcon du Ciel festival in August, and from
the Bucharest Fringe Festival in late September/October.  We believe that VR can be a highly popular
way to enjoy online broadcasts of the performance arts because it restores the
interactive viewing which is a part of the creative process in the performance
hall, as each member of the audience chooses who and what to focus on to shape
their own artistic experience.  Our long
term goal is to build a global online network and center for interactive live
broadcasting of all the performance arts on the planet which are essentially
absent from the online landscape, and we would be happy to welcome a VR
specialist as a collaborator in those long term plans.  So, let me know if that might be you!  John Paval, EU Arts Live,
, tel/whatsapp: +33 7 83 51 43
67, +46 72 290 3656, skype: John.Paval