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[Music Box] Looking for a 3D artist and marketing wizard

Expert Protege
Hello everyone.

As you may or may not know, Music Box is a free rhythm-boxing game available on the Oculus store for a few months now and is in pre-realease state. (around 4.5k downloads at this time without any advertising whatsoever)

Before releasing it as a final version i wish to bring new environments for the players to play in. Unfortunately i dreadfully lack 3D modeling/texturing skills. I am therefore looking for an enthusiastic 3D artist who would like to help me do this and improve the experience.

I am also looking for a marketing wizard who could help me promote the game on social medias and other mediums.
I unfortunately match the "introvert geeky guy" type and I sort of lack the social skills required to gather the masses around my project. Anyone able to help me put Music box under the spotlights would be more than welcome.

Feel free to contact me here on the forums or via mail at if you wish to help me make Music box great.

Cheers !