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WebRTC or any other synced video & audio streaming for Oculus Browser

Level 2
Hi All,

I am involved in a project in which we are developing a WebVR training application aiming at providing viewers/trainees with a live 360 video, audio interactive class experience. We would like to use the builtin Oculus Browser in GearVR. 
The latency allowed between the trainer broadcasting the live video and audio streams would be maximum of 10 seconds.

For this purpose we are looking into leveraging WebRTC, although I think it isn't supported for the Oculus Browser at this point.
So a few questions....
1. Is WebRTC indeed not supported with the Oculus Internet Browser?
2. What alternatives are there that would provide our users with low latency 360 video and audio streams with the Oculus Browser on GearVR?

Thank you