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Throwing away my quest in the trash, Meta Support sucks. And they are liars. -_-


So I'm throwing away my Quest. It's defective anyway. I was going to send it in for a replacement. But after with the horrible and HARSH treatment I got from Meta Quest support for two and a half months. It's just not worth dealing with these people. I'm sorry guys. It's not worth it. Your better off buying your self a Vive or a Index at this point.  I feel like I'm talking to a robot. I keep being lied to. They never respond to my request. They ignore my requests. I even threatened to file a claims court and take it to the news. I never got my controller back. Been waiting since April. I have never had this bad experience in my entire life. Once I get a job. I'm saving for a Vive. Screw Oculus. 🖕 you Meta. And your lack of support and your shady trade practices. I'm done. They don't even care if you have a mental illness or a disabilitiy to boot. I caught them in a lie on Twitter saying they would give a African American mother a new controller for her son. So I caught them in a lie. So there's probably some racial profiling going on here or something. I'm sick with Facebook and Zuckerburges LIES. I'm done. Hope you all enjoy your **bleep**ty units. I'm not giving them my money anymore. Zuckerburge and Oculus/Meta can go rott in the firery lots of hell. That's what this is. Hell. They gave me TWO MONTHS OF HELL! How can you IGNORE A CUSTOMER WITH A DISABILITIY? Seriously. -__- I demand an apology. This is going to the news. I'm sorry guys. I know it's just a controller but I don't have $70.00 to get a new one. Then logistics department PROMISED me almost 10 times they'd ship one out and never did. This should be illegal. Someone needs to sue Meta for pulling this crap. They even ignore you if you threaten them and play the SYMPATHY game.


Expert Protege

May i use your story if media reaches back out to me?

Sure. It sucks that everyone has to go through with this IMO. They don't even MENTION on their Twitter they are out of controllers and such it's dumb. I was talking to a rep last night and he said they don't know why they are out. Idk anymore.

My mom said go ahead Oculus needs a first class action law suit 😞 it's bad when they treat people with disabilities like crap too. They told a mother on Twitter they'll give her one since her son's stopped working. I'm like where's mine I've waited two months and I got a birthday coming up on the ,1st I was thinking of making the news with this too. I even threatened them with going to the BBB and News with this. In fact when I fully wake up "over slept" I'm calling them. Idk if they are open on Memorial Day or not.

Would you like to add me on Facebook? What have they done to you? Out of curiosity.

Sorry my anxiety is flaring up lol they stressed me out too much on top of that when my case was originally made the first rep I've ever contacted me promised me a brand new unit all together I got documents to prove it in my email if I can find it. A new headset with controllers. They need to uphold their promise. Then I get a rep telling me it's up for Meta to decide. They better give me a free unit and controllers because they messed with my mental well being and made me stressed and messed with my anxiety and made me worry too much I've lost sleep again over it. T_T. Sorry. Sorry for swearing in my post too.

On top of that I don't work and $400.00 is ALLOT of money the rep from last night even PROMISES me allot of store credit after I get my left controller resolved.

Hang in there don’t let it stress you out I know how you feel so I’m gathering all the knowledge that I can to help others with the situation right now I am in contact with a few sources that are going to contact me back by Wednesday hang in there if I get any good news about anything I will contact you back I sent in my right side controller because it’s stopped working in the first two months that I had it I sent it back and it’s been going on the month that they’ve been giving me the runaround 21 emails later I still haven’t gotten nowhere with meta support mind you I have meta warranty and an Allstate warranty  this is not right and I’m going to make sure that it’s bought to the light. Hang in there friend.

It’s kinda dumb that they offer in-store credit when you can’t even use the device because they still have it.

Thanks I appreciate it. I just told them I contacted Fox lol. I doubt they won't care. It's messed up because they are giving other controllers to other people. My brother and mom are pissed and mom wants a fist class action lawsuit so idk if this would consider a first class action lawsuit because they are literally stealing people's devices that they bought from them. The headset is fine. I bet they can pull up my ticket all the way back from when they promised to give me a brand new working unit. That needs to be done lol. They shouldn't be giving their customers emotional stress. It's nuts how they don't care when they say they do. I've feel like I'm losing brain cells talking to these people. I really hope someone else like Phil Spencer buys Meta and saves them like they how they saved Blizzard. I bet Spencer can make Oculus 10x better with better support too.