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Resolved! Help My instagram and Facebook Was banned

Hello dear instagram and Meta , my instagram and my new accounts which is remembermadeleine_ @fightformadeleine @remembertimmothy @missinglisairwin @findsummer2022 @findandrewgosden2022 @kevin.memory @lookforkyronhorman @justice4benneedham @saif.priv...

Facebook Account suspensed Fix 2024

About a week ago my account got suspended and via oculus or even via facebook help you end up into endless loop of redirections. But I found a way where you can send a message to Facebook in their help section and after 3 days of sending messages I g...

chungdha by Honored Guest
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Facebook and instagram suspended

I bought a meta horizon VR headset and linked it to my facebook which is also linked to my instagram. For whatever reasons meta suspended my facebook and instagram for going against policies which I never did. I have a child that occasionally plays o...

Pl37 by Honored Guest
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Re: Facebook Messenger

Facebook unlock karna hai usko mera Facebook unlock kar dijiye Facebook unlock lock ho gaya hai to usko unlock karna hai

Rajamahra by Honored Guest
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I am writing an article about facebook.

Unfortunately it seems to be practically impossible to contact any staff. I'd like to ask:Why does facebook allow scammers and spammers to run rampant? Even on the official facebook page.Why does facebook ignore reports from users about spammers and ...

Reopening my account

Sir I am So Sad and Depressed from 4 month because Instagram support ban my account by mistakely I don't know why but it's gone ban. Sir when I want to appeal for reopening my account It's called ur Facebook account iss permanently Disabled.sir pls h...

Oculus setup tool can't connect to server

It displays "Looks like we can't reach the Oculus server. Please check your connection.". I'm in China. Does Oculus limit the countries/regions which can connect to server.

AlanLiu by Explorer
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Resolved! Anyway to purchase Oculus merchandise?

I looked over the Oculus site and also did some searching in general but haven't found any place to buy Oculus merchandise. I'd love to get some t-shirts with the Oculus logo, some more stickers like those that came with the Rift.... and whatever els...

Delete my application from developer dashboard

Hi Guys,I got an error 'The apk is signed with different certificate than previous version'. However I'm using the same keystore and everything.So looks like the only solution is to create a new application and delete the old one as I want to keep th...

Resolved! Can I plug my Oculus into my motherboard?

I ordered my rift yesterday, and I am wondering about the display connection. I have one HDMI port on my graphics card, but I'm currently using it. Would I be able to use a rift by plugging the HDMI into my motherboard, or does it need to be plugged ...

Just got DK1, having issues.

So I just got the DK1 today and I am having trouble setting the thing up. First, My computer will not detect the Rift. I have seen videos where they change the monitor to "Extended" and "Multiple Screen" but I see neither of those. Also, I have tried...

Oculus Setup Software Will Not Run

I have downloaded and installed the setup software onto Windows 10 and on the one and only drive I have. When I double-click or run as admin I get a small loading circle by my mouse icon but nothing else. I have re-installed the software and attempte...

Aisu13 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Polar Express

New to Samsung gear VR and think it's a great product, well worth the money. Anyway I It would be great if they could release a 360 version of the scene in Polar Express, You know where the the boy (Chris) wakes up, goes down stairs to see a train ar...

dph1971 by Honored Guest
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Older Oculus Home patches?

Hey, so i have Incompatible USB ports according to Oculus home, but guess what they work fine and i have never ha any tracking issues. Last Oculus Home patch i could not start games from the desktop app, it just told me that i had "Incompatible USB p...

yghtim by Explorer
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Bright red line on left eye

I got my RIFT two days back. It was working absolutely fine till all of a sudden i got a bright red line in the left eye. It mostly shows up only when the screen is dark/black.Is anybody else facing this problem?


Can't get Elite Dangerous to work...

So I have my copy of Elite Dangerous that I purchased directly from Frontier back when the game first came out. For the life of me I can't seem to get it to work with the Rift. Is there some sort of trick you have to do???In the Rift Home Library I h...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Software installation

I'm having trouble installing the software for the Rift, I can complete the download but my computer gets stuck at the "Installing Oculus software" screen, I let my computer work on it for about 20 hours before i closed it and tried again it's curren...

'Looks like we can't reach the oculus server'

Totally stuck at stage 0! I run the Oculus setup and get 'Looks like we can't reach the oculus server'Have tried the following without any luck:1. Turned off firewall / turned off anti virus / added exe to exceptions.2. Added ' graph.oculu...

mrpiper by Honored Guest
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Headphone only plays one channel- defective ear piece

When I first plugged in my rift one headphone didn't work. Upon tightening it's plastic screw it began working.Now the other earphone has stopped working after less than 24 hrs. Tried tightening, removing, inspecting, reinstalling and restarting with...

joeblair by Honored Guest
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Messages to Friends in Friend List?

Hi all, I got my rift about a week or so ago. I had no experience in VR up until I received it, and I must say that I love it. Surprisingly, I am finding that I am really enjoying the apps that give you a social experience, like AltVr and BigScreen. ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VR Cover, what a disappointment!!

I ordered the VR cover and waited for about a month and half The fabric quality is not that bad but the whole fit is disappointing.It's pretty shame they didn't bother to use just tiny more fabric to get a perfect fit (or assist of some elastic) It s...

minimoo by Protege
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