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HDMI connection not being detected on my RIFT (Win 7 - 64bit)

So I'm getting the dreaded "No HDMI connection" with my newly delivered Rift that came through today. I'm in absolute dismay, cannot believe this issue is affecting so many people.Looking online, I am getting so many conflicting pieces of advice. Som...

nukester by Honored Guest
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oculus is taking the p*ss

I ordered the oculus back in January, I have been waiting patiently for it to arrive and guess what i am still waiting! I have contacted oculus for updates, received nothing. Absolutely no information whatsoever but a forecast for shipping which they...

nAV2016 by Heroic Explorer
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Rift 3.0 USB misleading/outright lie of a recommended product

I have now spent a good work weeks worth of time troubleshooting this issue, honestly more than double my real game time....I bought the recommended Inateck 3.0 usb card figuring im more than prepare for touch at that point.Except for some minor issu...

Renkor by Honored Guest
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"Can't connect to Oculus Servers" error

We have a new Alienware Area 51 workstation running Windows 10 Enterprise and we are trying to get this new Oculus Rift up and running. I tried to use the "setup" for Oculus now many times but it fails right after the license agreement stating "Can n...

cpcordell by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Farlands Tasty Meals (Answered)

I am very new to far lands (I've only been playing for a few days), and I am not sure how to get tasty meals. I have gotten some, but I don't know how I did it. If anyone can please explain it to me I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

Cant add credit card as payment method!

I've been trying for 2 days since I got my CV1 to add my credit cards to my account. The cards I used before was successfully when I registered an Oculus account when I was using the Samsung S6 Edge with my GearVR Innovator Edition, but since then th...

Oculus Setup Problems

Help!! Anyone having problems downloading Oculus setup.Just got my Asus ROG G20CB (Oculus Ready; 980). I have tried to install Oculus Rift SetupTool over 8 times. I get to the following point in install process (after all the T&Cs, etc):I press "Inst...

Ready Player One - and other books like it.

I know I've seen a very similar post like a few weeks ago, but I can't find it - maybe someone can help?I just finished reading Ready Player One - and it was absolutely amazing, easily one of the best books i've ever read in my life.I am wondering wh...

Oculus vs. vive

Serious question, does anyone have both headsets? Which do you prefer? I've had the Oculus since March and only used it twice. I was honestly not impressed. From everything I read people seem to prefer the vive. Plus, maybe it's a "grass is greener" ...

Tips for Streaming the Oculus rift on twitch?

im currently running a gtx 1080(as well as a i7 4790k) that i bought purely for supporting rift streaming. i have a couple issues im trying to solve so wanted to see what ideas yall had.1. When streaming if i turn my head quickly 30% of the time ill ...

Resolved! Two questions, Dirt Rally and Graphics card questions,

Hello everyone. I was just wondering. Does anyone own Dirt Rally for use with the Rift? I really want the game, and thought it would be out by now here, but I don't see it. It's on sale right now, so I was wondering if anyone owned it and how well it...

Oculus video wont load

Every time I click start, it flashes for a split second then says start again.Ive tried reinstalling it but no luck..It also wont start in oculus either. same thing happens

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Disabling Head Wearing Sensor?

Is there a way to programatically disable the head wearing sensor that turns the rift hmd off/pauses the mirrow texture update?During development I don't want to keep putting the rift on my head, I just want to leave the headset on the desk and see t...

rspruyt1 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! The best Horror experience on the Rift

I've always loved to the thrill of being scared. It is one of the things that I am really looking forward to with VR. I've also got a brother coming up in July to try out the Rift, and want to scare the hell out of him!- I just tried out Abe yesterda...

Firmware Won't Update

I just received the consumer version of the Oculus and I haven't been able to setup the device. I can't get past the part where it tries to update the firmware. The system recognizes that all my devices are plugged in. When tries to update the firmwa...

brimercer by Honored Guest
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Have an idea for the perfect touch game... who do I talk to?

I have an absolutely perfect game idea for a seated VR/touch game, but I don't have the time to develop it (7 kids, youth director, full time job). I would really like to share it with someone who can develop it, but I want to share it with the right...

JGplanes by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Bad Audio on certain Gear VR games

Hey everybody! Has anyone had any trouble with the audio on certain Gear VR games (Neverout, VR Karts Sprint, End Space, Finding VR right off the top of my head)? The games loads and it just sounds extremely distorted. No possible way I could listen ...

Oculus installer fails - no log?

Hi,just got my CV1, and the installation doesn't work (getting the infamous "we encountered an error" message. Lots of solutions have been suggested, but none seem to work. There is no log file being created in appdata. I've tried running the setup a...

Resolved! How do you Stop game from Booting in VR Mode?

I've been playing Subnautica (Steam Version) for a few hours in the Rift and want to take a break and play it on my 4K monitor, except each time I select to play the game it defaults to playing in the Rift regardless of whether I choose "play in VR m...

Resolved! 360 photos app does not start on gear vr.

Only turning ring ist seen. Waiting several minutes, no change. Return-button on gear brings no change. Must dismount Galaxy s7 from gear vr.New installation of 360 photos app does not help.How to solve this problem ?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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