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Chris Pruett - Director of Ecosystem

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Hi folks! My name is Chris Pruett, and I am the Director of Ecosystem for Content here at Oculus. I joined Oculus in 2014 and have spent the last four and a half years helping developers build better VR apps and games. Before that I ran a game studio, worked on Android at Google, and even further back, shipped a bunch of games for consoles. I'm a big fan of horror games.

I'm happy to answer your questions about VR engineering, game design, or market success. Please only post a question once, we'll see it!

Hi Chris,

I'm an indie developer making a game for a small, queer audience. The game had a successful Kickstarter, and being a Virgo sun sign (perfectionist) I'm confident the finished product will be blindingly polished.

That being said, it's a weird, artsy game. It's not going to be a mainstream success, but it could be really important for a medium-sized group of people.

How are you going to build safeguards in the Quest acceptance process to ensure that developers like me aren't shut out? How can we be assured there's diversity in the approval committee?

Hi Chris,

I have a question regarding your recent blog post about the Oculus Quest store submission process.

Let me just quote this other blog post (
"Not all apps are appropriate or intended for distribution to a general audience, but still contribute to a healthy VR ecosystem. Our solution to enable distribution for these apps are Oculus Keys. These apps typically consist of content that is clearly an advertisement, B2B applications, apps that contain only a handful of videos, and apps that have no utility outside of a specific context (such as a conference)."

Will Oculus Keys and Release Channels remain a thing with the Oculus Quest for B2B distribution and other non-high-quality-mass-market-oriented games ?


PS: Can't wait to have the Quest in my hands!!
William Dulot
I make Modulia Studio

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Dead Secret Circle rules!
Will the Quest be faster than the Go, after accounting for the Quest's 6DOF/Inside Out Tracking & refresh rate CPU consumption?

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Hello and thanks for this AMA.

Question for  Unreal. 

How to access the Oculus avatar hand in c++ to parent/attach a collider to a finger joint.

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Another question.

Unreal Engine :User Rooms and Matchmaking

Server :Open level listen --->create session( session setting:num plublic connection =4 ;should Advertise = true)---->create session with "Name"

Client: Join Friend Session "Name". From documentation about Unreal Rooms and Matchmaking with Unreal Sessions this is called User Rooms.

Question : Is Matchmaking more optimized than User Rooms .

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I'm a hobbyist Unity developer hotly anticipating the Quest as my first real VR headset. I've done a bit with Daydream, but after experiencing 6dof tracking and Touch controllers, I can't go back. I do my work from my MacBook Pro.
  1. Is there any way I could get started with 6dof controller development now? Doesn't seem like Rift would work for me.
  2. Could you give us any insight on how Quest development workflows will go? Will Quest be able to display the editor preview in realtime, or will we have to build each time to see changes?
  3. I'm seeing a lot of people freaking out over Oculus' recent announcement about a more cultivated store front for Quest. Could you tell us what this does and doesn't mean as far as game content, as opposed to purely game quality?

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Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time!

I was wondering if there are going to be significant changes to the development process when the Quest arrives?  Currently the process is somewhat ambiguous and it's hard to get direct feedback.  I know this is a growing pains thing, but I was just wondering if the process will be largely the same, or is there an overhaul coming along with the new hardware?

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Generally speaking, Release Channels are going to be used for folks that have passed our concept approval process. We may make applications available for Oculus Keys-based distribution on a case-by-case basis. If you have a use case that requires either of these distribution models, please call that out in your concept document submission! In addition it's worth noting that we're always working on improvements to these sorts of systems.  

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In a more specific and personal question, I'm having issues with a screen overlay effect I had working on the Go.  I'm porting the app to the Rift, and the overlay doesn't seem to be working now.  No errors, but the effect isn't happening.  I'm wondering if the Rift handles screen overlays and textures differently than the Go.  The goal is to add a vignette mask during movement to reduce periphery, thereby reducing vection.  Also if there would be a different/better way to achieve this on the Rift that would be awesome, I'm relatively green to VR dev.  

Thanks for your time!