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David Borel - Engineering Manager, Engine Integrations

Oculus Staff
Hello Oculus developers! I'm David Borel. I've been in graphics for >10 years at NVIDIA, Havok, zSpace, and 4 years next month at Oculus, where I lead the Engine Integrations team. We focus on core VR and performance in popular engines like Unity and Unreal. At OC4, I did a talk with Jian Zhang and Remi Palandri that covered some of what we do, including recent optimizations(

I'm looking forward to your questions and will answer as many as possible. Let's do this!

Twitter: @Dave_Borel Oculus ID: vrdaveb

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Hi David!

What would you consider to be the toughest challenge / issue you solved in the past year? Anything unique or interesting?


Honored Guest
I've found that great custom hand poses help immersion in games. For Unity you have the Grip Poses scene, but I want to know if you plan to expand on it?

For example, modifying left hand pose and have that transferred to a right hand pose and viceversa.

Also some tutorials on how to lerp from one custom hand pose to another?

Finally, it would be amazing if you guys released the hand poses like the ones on Oculus First Contact, Toybox, or the new Home Screen so us developers without much design skills can hit the ground running.


Oculus Staff
The hardest challenge we've taken on recently may be Multiview. It required a lot of changes to engines' core rendering, moving from a traversal per-eye to a single traversal that renders objects to both eyes at once. Qualcomm, ARM, Epic, Unity, and the Oculus Mobile SDK team all worked hard with us to deliver it.

hi David 

do you know went are pre orders uk 

thank you

Honored Guest
Will Oculus eventually have it's own game engine for creators to put environments and games together with?

Oculus Staff
Thanks, these are great ideas. We didn't have any updates planned for that sample, but it sounds like we should expand on it. I will circle with the team and see if we can get this onto our roadmap.

Honored Guest
Hi David,

Thanks for doing this AMA!

What do you think are the biggest secrets to squeezing out better graphics performance on VR apps on desktop?  What about VR apps on mobile?

~Nima, Technical Product Manager at WITHIN

Oculus Staff
Some Oculus apps, such as Medium and Mobile Home, use custom engines suited to those use cases. For general-purpose development, we still recommend Unity and Unreal.

Hi David, do you have any tips for native debugging UE4? We are able to get the Nvidia Tegra debugger to attach, but we get SIGILLs any time there is input (controller buttons, touchpad, etc). I think I saw the same thing when I tried using a command line GDB client. Have you encountered this, and if so, has your team found a solve?