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Deborah Guzman - Developer Strategy

Hi everyone!

This is Deb with the Developer Strategy team at Oculus. It's been 3 years for me here with the company, starting out on the Customer Service / Fulfillment side and the past year with the Content team.

I actually first heard about Oculus playing an MMO 6 years ago. Excited about VR and looking forward to your questions!


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Hi Deb!

I have a question about the Oculus Start program. How long does it take for the oculus team to review a submission ? I have sent mine 3 weeks ago and I have uploaded a demo build for you to test.. Oculus Start would really boost our music app development and we can't wait to have your answer..! 😉

Developper at Thérémix Tech

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Is there a way to force an update to the Oculus Go firmware?

I get an error that says I need to update my Oculus Go firmware, please turn on wifi, etc. when I try to run my app.

I believe there's a new update available that went out quietly a week ago or so, but I haven't gotten my headset to update yet.

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We have sales ratio of about 1:30 between oculus and steam stores with multiple products. We talked with various other developers and the ratios are more like 1:2 or 1:1. We are not really sure what to tune to get more visibility on the Oculus Storefront. Do you have any suggestions or advice? Is something important misconfigured or missing?

Will it be possible to sell bundles of 2 apps which are on different stores in the future? i’d like to offer both the mobile version and the PC version of my app as 1 bundle. Thanks! Also, may I recommend reddit for doing AMAs in the future?
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Hi Deb, from your gamer’s and oculus business woman stand point, what type of video games do you think are having or will soon have a big impact in consumers that use a 3DOF HMD 

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Does Oculus have a youtube style app that allows sharing of vr180 videos on Go and Rift?

Hi Deb, I joined Oculus Start on 2 May and was wondering whether there's any news on when I can expect the development out? (I'm in the UK)

Hi.  Any good tips or checklists  or advise on what brings the most impact on app store sales?    Anything we should do before, during and after launch that helps drive sales?       Cheers!  

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I have followed Oculus since the DK1 and been toying around/developing with oculus and the Vive to this day (having both the Dk1 and dk2, oculus+touch and vive).   I can do 3d development from creating 3d models to using ue4 and unity, even developing (hardware and software) VR glove prototypes with 9DOF IMUs and flex sensors.  I would love a career in VR but unsure the best approach to take and any advice would be amazing!!!  I currently make intelligent 3D models and program the software behind intelligent modelling of gas and oil plants for asset relocation and running, and feel I have so much I can can contribute but not sure where to turn next?  I am located in the UK but feel the UK is struggling to focus on the future in the current climate.  I am a family man working a full time jobs and pulling in extra jobs where I can but I need to make a difference when there is so much to gain!  

Sorry for ranting but if anyone can point me in the right direction to make a change in the uk, let me know!  

I have lost count of the times people have now wanted to peruse VR/AR with no end product and people throw money at it!  I want to create some with an actual end product

Many thanks to listening to my rant!