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John Bartkiw - Head of Development Engineering, Platform

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Hi Everyone - I’m John Bartkiw!

I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years working on
PC/console games and platforms at Microsoft, Valve, Devolver Digital. I joined
Oculus about 2 yrs ago and head up the Development Engineering, Platform
department out of Seattle. You can check out my latest talk from Oculus Connect 4
I show you how to turn a new project in to social VR in just 30 minutes.


I’m excited to hear your questions today and will be
answering as many as possible – Ask away!

Fun fact: My favorite VR game is "Racket Fury"

Twitter: @HumanoidSaver


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Thanks for doing this AMA! Really quick question that I'm sure you're being asked a ton: Are there any plans to bring Oculus support to the Mac, now that Macs meet hardware requirements?

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What in your opinion is important in making a VR game great rather than average?

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Hi John,

Have you published (via API ideally) the lens distortion parameters for the Rift yet? (Like it exists for the Vive).


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Double post. Apologies!

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Hi John, is it possible to use Oculus profile image in the games? 

Hey John! As a developer, I was wondering if Oculus has any plans to allow for more than one Vr Object with the Rift software. Been looking at things like full body tracking, which I’ve been able to do using HTC’s vive trackers.

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For me the differences between a great VR game and an average VR game are very similar to 2D/3D games. It's a collection of small refinements and tunings to things like game mechanics, audio cues, UI flow, etc. that make the game feel "good" for the gamer. I think polish level is an underappreciated thing in game development and it is often the difference between games that do well and others that don't.

When looking at VR specifically there are a few things that are new for areas of polish. The most obvious is hand interaction. My hands need to feel like hands and the way I interact with objects in the scene needs to feel natural. General comfort is the other area I would look into. It's amazing the amount of tweaking that people have done to make experiences feel more comfortable and that is the difference between someone enjoying an experience or quitting after 5 minutes.

Is it better to put the sensors head height? Chest height? Different for 3 sensors vs 2?

Do you have plans to expand the dev. team outside of the US?