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Matt Conte - Developer Relations Engineering Lead

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Hey, I’m Matt Conte, and I
run our Developer Relations Engineering team at Oculus HQ in California. My
team works closely with VR developers on a variety of aspects from performance
analysis to VR design guidance. I came from the games industry, where I started
writing GameBoy Color games in Z80 assembly. Most recently, I worked as an
architect and principal engineer on Activision's cross-platform engine technology,
helping ship games on iOS all the way up through PS4.

I like classic video games,
I’ve written several console emulators, and I own Centipede and Q*bert arcade
machines. @!#?@!

 Ask me anything!

Twitter: @mattconte

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA, I'm sure a lot of people are anxiously awaiting the delivery of their Quests and it will be great to have some questions answered regarding the new system.

Two questions:

1 - What sort of access will Unity have to the Insight tracking system? Will the guardian bounds be available as a path? Will any other real time data be available from the cameras? (point cloud)

2 - With the tighter restrictions being placed on content for the Quest (concept approval process)  smaller developers are more likely to turn to sideloading distribution for their apps.  If developers distribute content via sideloading now,  will it affect the probability of future publishing on the Oculus store?

Thanks Matt! Can't wait to receive my Quest.

Honored Guest
If you could combine two existing games together to make a new game, what would they be and why?

Expert Protege
As a Developer Relations Engineer, you find hard to find companies that do porting for different VR platforms? Now with the Quest coming I bet several Rift titles will need help to be ported...

Heroic Explorer
Hi Matt,  I'm an Oculus Start member.
What are the requirements for a developer to have access to the Oculus Developer relations team?

Thanks, Steve Hinan - METAL MULTIBALL


Hi Matt, thanks for the AMA!

I have few questions for you:

   1.For best possibility optimization in Unity for Oculus Quest which Template should we start using and why this one?:

      a) 3D

      b) Lightweight RP

      c) VR Lightweight RP

   2.Do Oculus have in plan  realise for Unity some best practical examples for Oculus Quest?

   3.Which Unity version do you recommend?

   4.What maximum atlas texture size can we use  and which setting in textures should be setup to get best quality to                    performance ratio in Unity?

   5.Is there a way to see GDC talk “Down the Rabbit Hole with Oculus Quest” video?

Thanks Matt!

Hi Matt!

What would be one piece of advice for developers who are preparing to target the Quest in the future? Any gotchas, heads up, performance notes, etc!

Thanks so much for taking the time today for an AMA, it's greatly appreciated!
- Alan O'Toole

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  1. Hi ryan99! The same Guardian bounds data you've come to know and love on Rift will also be available through Unity. You will have access to the Guardian data as a list of points, as well as the oriented bounding box of the play area. Currently, we don't expose any real-time data from the Insight sensors.
  2. If you have used our official tools to distribute content via sideloading, that would not necessarily affect your future ability to publish on the Oculus Store on Quest. What we are looking for is interesting, unique, and “meaty” content that delivers user value and meets our content guidelines, as well as your team's ability to execute on that concept. 

Hello Matt,
Thanks for doing this AMA. 

I had a question regarding VR design for enterprise solutions.
What type of locomotion would you recommend for people with zero VR experience?
So far point & click to set teleport locations seems the most straight forward.  
But these people are at the point where if you tell them, point and pull the trigger, they'll be unsure which button the trigger is. Perhaps a sustained gaze confirmation on the set teleport spots?
Twitter: @fusedotcore

Hi Matt.

Spicy Margs, best drink? or Bestest Drink?