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Matt Conte - Developer Relations Engineering Lead

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Hey, I’m Matt Conte, and I
run our Developer Relations Engineering team at Oculus HQ in California. My
team works closely with VR developers on a variety of aspects from performance
analysis to VR design guidance. I came from the games industry, where I started
writing GameBoy Color games in Z80 assembly. Most recently, I worked as an
architect and principal engineer on Activision's cross-platform engine technology,
helping ship games on iOS all the way up through PS4.

I like classic video games,
I’ve written several console emulators, and I own Centipede and Q*bert arcade
machines. @!#?@!

 Ask me anything!

Twitter: @mattconte

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Level 3
How are you planning on evolving the process of getting/letting games onto the oculus quest? On the one hand there are (particularly with todays blog post) more and more developer focued guides on how to work with the hardware and develop performant games for it, on the other hand a pretty hard process to actually get onto the platform (it seems, going by peoples accounts who applied)

Level 5

mconte said:

Both cores are available on Go, but the compositor / TimeWarp takes a fixed amount of your overall CPU.

You already kind of answered me regarding GearVR, depends on phone but I'm going to ask anyway, Does Oculus reserve one of the GearVR core for TimeWarp or it doesn't or it depends on the phone?

Level 2
Hi mconte,
will it be possible to experiment with the "Platform Services" without an Oculus Quest Application?
Currently, I can only create a new App for Rift or Go.
Best regards,