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Oculus Go AMA panel


Hi everyone! I’m Reina Shah and I currently manage Entertainment content at Oculus. Prior to joining Oculus, I spent 10 years in gaming- from financing FB and mobile game companies, to user acquisition for social and mobile titles, and most recently I managed BD for Unity’s Cloud Services division. 

Fun Fact: I’ve completed at least one hike in 46 different countries. 
Twitter: @reina_shah


Hello all! I’m Gabor Szauer, I'm a developer relations engineer at Oculus. I support developers targeting mobile platforms like Gear VR and Oculus Go. If you have technical or performance related questions, I’m the guy. In my spare time, I also make video games and have written several publications for game development.


Fun fact: Gabor collects novelty USB drives
Twitter: @gszauer



We’re ready to answer any and all of your questions about developing for our newest device – Oculus Go! Quick note that there is a slight delay on our forums. Please only submit your questions *once*.

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Hi, and thanks for the AMA! I will be developing apps for the Go using Unity. I have followed your directions to set up the Go device, and downloaded adb. Could you please briefly go over the steps required to get the Unity app from the desktop to the Go or point me to documentation that describes this? Much of the documentation seems to be only Gear VR-specific, and I do believe there are differences. Thanks so much! I picked up the product a couple days ago, and love it.

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What do you see in the future of Oculus Go?

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Hello @reina Shah and @gszauer, 
Will it be possible to share some words on  ETA in progress for those who are using UE4.

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Nice to meet you my name is Ross and my company is WebGuyz. We want to know , will rift and ocukus go ever work together ?

OculusGo seems to be more of a video supporting device, with fewer features and good uses for developing games. Won't it simply be replaced by the next wireless VR headset that you're developing?

Also, does the video player support files with subtitles?

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Hey guys - my name is Amro and I have this awesome design for a new generation of Occulus gaming. My dream is to design this game and bring it to life in the years to come. I have the design and plan prototypes on hand - I just have to familiarize myself with oculus developement.

When moving a Rift game over to the GO platform what are the things which provide the greatest performance improvements (in Unity) in your experience?

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How can I hook my Oculus Go to PC to test in Unity and preview like I do on the RIFT? Having issues with Oculus Go ADB Driver. ***Solved*** Looks like a pathing issue in Android Studio 😉 

@brianlas: Gabor: Oculus Go and Gear VR are binary compatible. Most applications that run on Gear VR will also work on Oculus Go. In fact, the two devices share a store! The directions for publishing on Oculus Go are the same as publishing to Gear VR. Read more here (links out to docs):