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Build 'Malware Review Test Running' taking extremely long and keeps adding

Honored Guest

Hi, I experience a problem with the 'Malware Review Test Running'.


I'm working on my game and I've been uploading new builds.  But the 'Malware Review Test' never finishes. It even adds a new test after a while. 


It's been so bad that 1 build that I've uploaded about 5 days ago still has tests running. To the point that I cannot even view the test status view of that build anymore because it gives an error saying: 'Please reduce the amount of data you're asking for, then retry your request'


Is this a global problem? Or maybe a problem with my game specifically? I'm scheduling a release soon and this is blocking that at the moment.


Thank you in advance!


Honored Guest

This is still a problem. Malware tests never finishing and blocking the build from being downloadable. Any news?

Did you ever figure this out?

Sadly no, this is still an issue. We got it fixed for 1 build (the one that we put live) by contacting Oculus directly by mail. But other builds are still stuck. 


This is still an issue.