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Could you read a newspaper virtually with Quest?

Level 2
I just bought a Quest for my husband for his birthday.  We're in our seventies, and he has limited mobility.  I thought Quest might be a good way to widen his world.  We subscribe to two newspapers, and both are pushing subscribers to go to their online service, since printing papers is costly.  Could an app be written for Quest that would enable us to read newspapers virtually?  Sitting at a desktop or reading the online papers on a tablet is not satisfying.  We want to be able to turn the pages, see the whole page layout at once, skim the headlines, and so on.  Is that possible with Quest?  I could see an app offering subscriptions to any number of newspapers around the world.  On a wider note, I believe there's a large untapped market for VR among seniors because of their lack of mobility, but most of the games I see are aimed at teens.

Level 2

2 years later I had the same thought, found only this with a quick google search. It would be nice…