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Had issue with account. Was told to factory reset. All apps gone, and have to purchase again?

Level 2

I factory reset my oculus quest 2. I was having issues with casting and account verification between the app and my oculus.  I factory reset my oculus to try and get connectivity between my IPAD and quest 2. All my apps were missing. I went to download them again and it is saying I need to re-purchase.

Is there any way to recoup this loss? Missing Vader Immortal, Eleven Table Tennis, Walkabout Mini-Golf, Resident Evil, etc. I don’t mind supporting these great product designers again, but being out about $200 is a bit of a snuff considering I did what the support site said.

Thoughts? Can provide screenshots of my library if need be.

Thank you in advance.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Greetings! We'd gladly assist you with this, we understand how concerning this may be. No worries, we'll get your games back to you so you can dive back into the glorious VR world Meta has to offer. We'd recommend that you log out and back into the mobile app, and reset the headset. If you're still having difficulties after attempting those steps, please reach out to us on our support site ( ). There, we'll be able to gather more information from you and take a deeper look into this issue.