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Having issues supplying shipping info for a Dev Kit

Level 2
Hey there folks

Oculus support sent me here (case 1881888) and said this forum could help me resolve my issue with accepting an invite for a Dev Kit.

I received an email from inviting me to confirm my shipping details but I'm having trouble completing my request.
When I click the link I get an odd message about being lost.

I click the link and I"m redirected to the dev dashboard. I would expect to see the organization that I've been added to in the Org Manager but I can't see it.


Would somebody at my new org need to add me through the dashboard admin for me to be able to confirm the shipping address for hardware?

Is this actually something folks here can help me with?
Or is support not quite correct in this situation and I need to push them to assist me further?

Thanks for your help.

Level 2
I was able to resolve this by getting the organization to add me as a developer in their dev dashboard. Once they did this, the issue seemed to be resolved and I could resume the order.