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How do I invite others to my project and my team?

Honored Guest

I'm trying to add a colleague to my organization, I see that he is added as an Admin in the App but he did not receive any email regd the invite. 

He has logged in to his Oculus Go with the same Email ID / Username that I have used to add him to the org, but I'm not sure why he dint receive an invite email nor see the App on his dashboard.

Please let me know where I'm going wrong. I can provide more info if required.

you have to go into your settings for your org and click the arrow next to his name.
then goto manage aps and there you can assign apps that he can see.
if you only want him as a developer and not able to view financial stuff etc id
change his role in the menu below also.


also for him to download the game you need to goto your build channels and add his email there so when he tests
the oculus entitlement will work. adding him to a beta channel will send him a link that allows him access to the game downloads etc.

i suggest using a new channel for staff

You can also assign what build that you have uploaded to the channel you wish for staff to use by clicking this:
then changing the drop down to your latest build ETC
This will require you uploading your build 1 time, then you can change that build to be in any channel you want.
once you upload new updates the RC channel should auto change to the new build if you upload to the RC channel but will NOT change the other channels. you must change what build shows for each channel manually NOT UPLOADING IT Just changing the build in the drop down. this way alpha can be version 1.1 and RC can be 2.2 and staff channel can be 4.9 or whatnot.

Hope this helps... if you need any more help just flag myname with the @ flag and when i have time ill send you a message back.

Honored Guest

I added him as an Admin for an App but still he cannot see this App on his dashboard nor he received any email that he was given Admin rights for this organization

I am comparing with something like in Apple Developer Account where when I add a user as an Admin/User, they get an invite email ; upon clicking that they get to see the App.

Can we expect something like that in here too?
it don't look like you are logged in to me. but only the one that says OWNER can change these settings.

the email has to be registered with oculus on an oculus account if he is not registered
it wont work. none of my devs got an email. you just need to add their username from their oculus account etc.